TOUR CLOSED - Hidition US CIEM Demo Lineup Tour - NT6pro, NT6, and Viento >>> Starting May 2017

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  1. SilverEars
    Alright. Above somebody stated that it will go to the two that you mentioned didn't respond afterwards, just made it sound like they were skipped over, and at the moment the out of sequence in the other tour has me abit groggy. Sorry for the misunderstanding if this was just based on no response. In the past I've seen listings get scratched off the list for no response, and the two I didn't see that, and somebody stated that it will go to them next, so it makes it seem something is going on. As long as the people that cannot participate get scratched off the list, no such implications would be made.

    Also, I'm quite interested in these, especially the viento. 75% there in decision, but need to hear the treble and bass settings to make an order. I really want to get them soon, so in a bit of an anticipation mood.

    I'm not in Korea to audition these, and this is the only way for me to try them out, but I have very high interest.
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  2. Barra
  3. Vansen
    This is going out to the next person tomorrow morning.
  4. Vansen
    @Barra & co, do you know if the Viento-R is still 900 USD if you configure it without switches? I'll be in Korea next year and am pretty sure I'm going to pick one of them up.
  5. Barra
    I am pretty sure that they mentioned that they offered a discount for choosing a switchless configuration, but don't hold me to it. If I remember right, it was something like $100 less. Feel free to reach out to them and I will too when I get a chance. If you are there, they like to give tours of their facilities.
  6. SilverEars
    Yes, it's $900 if you configure without switches.
  7. ncristia
    I live in Albany NY and accept the terms and conditions of the tour. Would love to have them after Queens, Just up the road.
  8. Barra
  9. Edric Li
    Received the IEMs today. Immediately met with a group of friends who have been eyeing on the Hiditions. We did comparisons among them and: UM Mentor V2, Oriolus Forsteni, QDC8, Xelento, AK T8ie mk2, 1964 U10. Players used were: WM1Z, Lotoo Paw Gold, AK380AMP. All IEMs are connected using stock 3.5mm cables.

    Among the Hiditions, NT6pro was the most transparent and spacious sounding. Tuning-wise the three are more or less similar, with emphasis on the treble.

    In terms of overall transparency, NT6pro is up there among the best (in the same league as UM Mentor and Xelento, better than the rest aforementioned). The downside is that the sub-bass is not presented, like, at all. The music, though delivered with all the details and separation, is somewhat emotionless. UM Mentor and QDC8 are flagships that often considered on the brighter side, popular in Asian markets. Both's got that "splashiness" like NT6pro, while being able to maintain a good warmth to the sound. The NT6pro sounds hollow in comparison. Some would enjoy this characteristic, but definitely not with the music in my collection.
  10. Barra
    That's a great review and comparison and sounds like you had fun. However, as I posted earlier, you may want to check the bores for clogging as it takes its fun and emotional signature and reduces it to a more lifeless SQ when clogged. The clogs also reduce the bass response which is very fun and dynamic in its new tuning. The Hidition family is very sensitive to this requiring vigilance in cleaning. I have the 64 Audio A18 which to my ear is the top dog, but go back to my Pro for fun in the gym adding that emotional kick and dynamic like bass that the Pro offers. I should also mention that comparing my custom pro to the universal demo, the sub-bass digs a whole lot deeper with the superior custom seal.

    It would be a shame not to hear it at its best if it is something as simple as clogged bores that are holding it back.
  11. Edric Li
    I will try to clean it up and give it another shot. Thanks for the tip.
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  12. Edric Li
    The kit has been sent to @gearofwar . Should arrive next Monday.
  13. gearofwar
    Received the tour kit in perfect condition. Will pm the next. The NT6 Pro is amazing sounding which explains its long-standing legendary status.
  14. iamstumper
    I live in Lincoln, CA and would like to participate in the tour. I agree to follow the terms of the tour.
  15. gearofwar
    Going to hand the kit to @Neo Elemental in person tomorrow as agreed. Below is short impression, IMO.
    NT6: Flat and bright sounding and tends to sound harsh in the upper mid , alot "sss" with female vocals. Not my cup of tea so I only tried it for few mins
    NT6Pro: This might be my most favorite of the bunch even though I only had a short time with it for 3 days as my Aether custom just took over in producing a more natural, emotional, full bodied sound and as transparent, even a more gorgeous sound and tonality that are near perfect for my taste in handling any kind of genres. NT6pro offers more musicality which were considered lacking on NT6. It's more enjoyable, the bass hits deeper and the treble is smoother but still being bright and tends sound harsh and fatigue sometimes especially the upper mid which still tends to produce alot "sss" with vocal. The staging on this iem is really good, it has good focus on instruments. 5 years ago, (not sure if they still have the same NT6pro without revision) then i would understand why some people ranked it highly; It has good technicality mixed with musicality but at the moment I have heard better and it stands lifeless next to my Aether.
    Viento: This is one of versatile kinds of iem. It has 4 signatures but these settings offer only slight changes. Imo, this iem has highest technical level out of the three as it's being a reference sound and tends to sound really thin and fatigue on tracks. My favorite setting is with the mid boosted or the bass boosted as I couldn't stand the flat setting which was too critical to enjoy different genes of music. Even having 4 different signatures, this iem imo can handle classical genre best or metal but not for any popular genres , any low quality recordings. Viento reminds me of the best technical iem I've ever had, HUM Pristine. In term of technical level and resolution, Pristine is on par with Zeus and Viento is not but close, HUM Pristine also has more sub bass and it doesn't tend to sound as thin as Viento. The only techinical iem that could triumph Pristine is Samba and still the best on my book but for the asking price of Viento, you can't go wrong.
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