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Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by sainteb, Jul 5, 2017.
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  1. sine_wave
    This seems like a great alternative to the more expensive Oppo HA-2SE
  2. SciOC
    Can anyone confirm the output impedance of the DSD Version? Is it the same as the regular version at<.4 ohms?
  3. dc655321
    That's what it says on their website, "Output resistance no higher than 0.4 Ohm".
  4. Charente
  5. johnnyb
    So the Topping site references the output of the NX4 DSD as 114mw for 300ohms. And the Massdrop site says 57mw for 300ohm cans. I take it that the Topping site is adding together both stereo channels?

    Still, the NX4DSD is rated almost twice as powerful as Oppo HA2se. Has anyone tried them side by side?
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  6. TidalWave
    Hrmm tempting. I just wish I knew how it compares to Cayin C5 in sound signature for the amp (disregarding the big output power difference, of course).
  7. Charente
    The full Spec of the amp, at the bottom of the Topping page, specifies 114mW X 2 @ 300ohm. There's certainly bags of power thru my AEON Flow Open (13ohm), at 10 o'clock on the volume knob.
  8. Rufus49
    I just jumped onto thread...would like to know if NX4 is android friendly.
  9. BorisH
    Works like a charm on My Nexus 6P (8.1.0). Very happy with the performance of this AMP/DAC on both my phone and MacBook.
  10. Rufus49
    GOOD TO KNOW. Thanks for your help!
  11. BorisH
  12. Rufus49
    Once again thanks ...that's where my interest in this amp/dac arose.
  13. bassct
    I got one. Right before it appeared on massdrop. I like it quite a bit. Its very small and light . Very well made. Tested all functions : amp , dac , with PC - phone - dap ( M2s as transport ), line out. It charges quickly. DAC feature works about 6-7 hrs with a line out. Yes, you can charge and use DAC at the same time ( i was using mine and it died completely , hooked up micro USB and it was on again while charging ( not 100% sure??? ) ). Sound quality is good , dark background. If they could squeeze in BT 4.0 AptX it would be the bomb !
  14. johnnyb
    Glad to hear your experience with the NX4DSD is good! What headphones are you using it with? Also, do you notice any difference with power plugged in or on battery?
  15. bassct
    I dont own any high-end gear . Tried it mostly w IEMs: Fiio F9 Pro , Brainwavz B400 , Future Sonics G10 , Periodic BEs . The only over the ear i have is a Senn HD518 . My music is in 320kbps mp3 . I am a BASShead , but the things i look for is background noise and sound stage , also how clear mids/highs are ( depends on headphones used ) . I have an AQ DFR and i like it . NX4DSD is similar in music presentation ( perhaps a wider sound stage ) and it provides more features and flexibility . No sound difference when on DC power vs battery ( as far as i can tell ) . I like good quality sound , but im afraid i dont have the ears for it . So i cant dissect the sound signature as some of the members here could .

    Maybe high res music and better listening gear would reveal its capability more . No DAC will make a crappy 128mp3 recording sound like a live orchestra .
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