Topping NX4

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by sainteb, Jul 5, 2017.
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  1. jessymarinus
    I have managed to purchase one. Sound stage are good but not great. Details are awesome and separation is good. Pairing with Xiaomi Mi5 wasn't so good. But maybe the problem comes from my smartphone. I've tried Fiio's DAC and came out with the same result.
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  2. Jimster480
    Awesome! I think I will buy one.
  3. jessymarinus
    Zishan Z1>Topping NX4>Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD
  4. Jimster480
    But they are not the same. The NX4 is not a player just a DAC/Amp.
  5. jessymarinus
    Yes Sir. Those are my set up. I used Zishan as a dap. NX4 as a dac, and Hybrid Pro HD as a iem.
  6. Jimster480
    But it has its own DAC/Amp doesn't it?
    Also I found out that the NX4 has a 0.4 output impedance.
  7. Jimster480
    I have also asked them and they confirmed < 0.4 output impedance.
  8. jessymarinus
    I use LO to connect z1 with nx4. For my ears, there is an improvement in detail and clarity.
  9. taz23
    Is this the new NX4 DSD with ES9038Q2M? I see it listed on Taobao, and ShenzhenAudio says it should be available on their website next week.
    Looking forward to comments on it.

  10. Jimster480
    Looks really awesome. But I imagine the price is nowhere near the $100 price of the NX4.
  11. Heals
    If my math is right, approx. $150 USD
  12. jessymarinus
    Wow.. I hope someone purchase it. So ee can hear the review..
  13. Jimster480
    Where are you getting this price? I'd buy it instantly at $150.
  14. nexvid
    I have the new NX4DSD, sounds awesome to me, I use my old oppo find 7 with it, and my xioami mix. It sounds great with the xioami pro HDs and even better with the 1more quad drivers. I never realized how much the bass was accentuated in the xiaomi mix, to the point I thought the quad drivers were crap, I thought something was missing in the mids. Once I put them together all frequencies evened out. I only use maximum a quarter of the volume knob, I'm sure that more than that would blow up my ears or the IEMS. I looked at all the options around the 800RMB area, and waited for the 11.11 discounts, since i preordered it, it was only 830 now its a 1000rmb. My other options where the FIIO Q1v2 or a dragonfly but i gave topping a chance on my previous use of a sabre ES9xxx.

    I'm pretty satisfied with it, to the point I'm now thinking of changing my desktop setup because it sounds like crap compared to the topping+quaddriver combo. I actually believe these guys are OEMs for several high end manufacturers because the soldering in the board is too neat for a small builder, but what do i know....

    Edit: forgot to mention but i does get a bit hot to the touch, but i think the aluminum enclosure is dissipating the heat, some people have told me that the chip used in the topping NX4DSD might suffer audio degradation if it gets too hot, but i haven't heard any problems yet.
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  15. taz23
    May I ask what desktop setup do you have, and how does the device differ from your desktop setup? That way, it is easier for people to have a point of reference for the SQ of this NX4 DSD. Many thanks!
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