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Topping NX4

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by sainteb, Jul 5, 2017.
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  1. jasonb
    This thing reminds me of my old LG V10 but with a bass boost switch and more power. The way the treble is presented is what reminds me of it most. I like this thing a lot.
  2. SuperNovaGoesPop
    Honestly, it's similar enough to my Oppo HA-2 in terms of "how good is it"...you get some difference here and there, but they're honestly every bit as livable/usable and I wouldn't say one sounds better than the other. It's a winner for $150ish and definitely has a ton of power on tap.
  3. johnnyb
    I did some more portable listening earlier this week with the NX4DSD and HD650s with hi rez classical music. It continues to impress. Has anyone compared the NX4 DSD to the Nano iDSD BL?
  4. SuperNovaGoesPop
    Nope...but I have the XDSD. Go to the HA-2 thread for my thoughts, and they're basically about the same this case to be honest. The iFi stuff is "better", but it really comes down to presentation and taste.
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2018
  5. Poimandres
    How does the NX4 operate with low impedance iems? Will be using with the psb m4u 4. Any hissing or channel imbalance?

    Anyone here use it with an iPhone, if so what cable are you using?
  6. rufus1949
    No hiss with my audio 64 A12t, alclair RSM ( both custom)... noble sage, astell&kern billie jean, audio 64 U6 and U4SE ( all universal). Have not noticed any imbalance. I have also used it with my MrSpeaker Aeon flow..no problem pushing them.
    Hope this helps.
  7. SuperNovaGoesPop
    no problems with IEMs...again, this little guy is a strong bet for anybody looking to spend $150ish.
  8. jasonb
    There is some channel Inbalance on mine, but I never have the volume low enough for it to actually be a problem. Still love this little amp. Battery life could also be a bit better, but I just need to remember to charge it after a couple days of use.
  9. Poimandres
    Thanks guys. My impedance is 16 ohms. What is the lowest impedance iems that you guys use with no issue?
  10. Poimandres
    Toss up between this and the nano bl. ASR reviews the NX4 much better though.
  11. rufus1949
    My 64 audio A12t is 12 ohms. My other iem's are similar. Topping works well with them. I like the sound of the Fiio Q5 and mojo better...don't know if it's a $200-300 difference though. I like not having to bundle with the Q5 and sound is pretty good wireless. Good deal at audio46 in NYC.
  12. rufus1949
    Just noticed output impedance is low. You should have no problem with hiss.
  13. Poimandres
    Definitely no hiss, dead silent. The meenova cable works perfectly. I’m assuming the volume on the iPhone needs to be all of the way up? Is it bit perfect even if it is not? Curious how changing the volume on the iPhone changes it on the NX4 as well.

    Great amp for the price one of the best all around portable amps I have owned at any price.
  14. fokta
    Hi, Just acquired this NX4DSD from local store.

    Easy connectivity (plug and play) from Note 8 (OReo), PC win10HE, iOS (with additional data lighting cable).

    Compare to fiio E12a, this NX4 DSD is brighter, low freq is less detail, mid a bit recessed, & high is more spicy (sometime overlay the mid). In short, make E12A feels warm compare to NX4...
    I need to used ifi eBuddy to get more separation if want to crank the volume up...

    Question, how to connect this NX4DSD to fiio X5 3rd Gen... ? I already quick google, but no good solutions....
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2018
  15. fokta
    Seems have to answer my own question, Other website already give a clear answer but sad truth, there's a bug in fiio x5iii that streaming apps like tidal or Spotify, all digital output cant out from USB, must be from analog output... total bummer...

    guess use only in my Note8 or laptop (Win 10)...
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