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Topping D30 DSD DAC XMOS/CS4398

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by drteming, Sep 28, 2016.
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  1. eldus
    Ali Express, Partsexpress,Amazon, massdrop. Just avoid eBay and auction sites I'd say.
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2018
  2. TheAnalogman
    I ordered one through the Massdrop deal. Supposed to arrive Wed. My comparisons will be against my Emotiva XDA-1, my super cheap but clean measuring Fiio Taishan, and my ancient California Audio Labs Sigma. We shall see.
  3. littleemp
    I bought this without knowing that it outperformed even the Modi 2 Uber, but honestly you can't beat it for the price. With the ridiculous amounts of USB ports that I have to use for different things, having the option of using toslink is a godsend.

    I know some people don't believe DACs make a difference, but I feel like it did a positive, albeit very small, difference in my setup. I personally don't think like I can justify spending more money than this on DACs when things like these are around.
  4. TheAnalogman
    Ok.....I've listened to the D30 for about 10 hours total now.
    MacBook Pro --> Frey Player --> TDR Nova (sometimes) --> Topping D30 --> Promethius Active Tube Pre (sometimes) --> Violectric 90 or Schiit Vali 2 --> Hifiman HE560/AKG7xx.

    Also did a quick comparison with my emotiva, and California Audio Lab, as well as my trusty Fiio Taishan.
    The topping D30 is a winner. It has no issues, no pops or clicks, it is dead silent, no distortion, sounds as clean as can be. IMHO. I wouldn't even think twice about a purchase. No, I don't work for Topping. :dart:

    20180927_191802.jpg 20180927_191029.jpg 20180927_191439.jpg
  5. eldus
    Just a note, if you plan on stacking the Topping with a Magni 3, don't buy cables that are too short. The Topping is deeper than the magni.
  6. K Roland_61
    Good evening,

    Since I reinstalled Win7, I'm not able to make the DAC play via Firefox or Google Chrome or Expolrer browsers. It does play audio via Foobar2000 and VLC players, but not via the browser (for Youtube videos, etc).

    Am I missing something?

    Thank you all again.
  7. TheAnalogman
    Wish I could help, but I run a MacBook Pro......
    K Roland_61 likes this.
  8. Faber65
    I purchased a sh**ty Digione and it doesn’t work with either: the D30 and the Schiit Mimby.
  9. eldus
    Be sure that foobar2k is not outputting in WASAPI or ASIO. That would make it so that only foobar is using the DAC.
    Also check windows default sound output
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  10. eldus
    I am curious, in win 10, over USB the max output is 32/192. It was my understanding that the D30's max was 24/192. Is there a driver "confusion" with win10?

    In some games occasional, not all current sound effects are rendered, as if there is "too much going on" to present all of the sounds. It may just be my motherboard or a software issue.
  11. K Roland_61
    That was the problem: in "playback" of System Sounds properties in Windows, the audio output was for "headphones", so all the browsers' content was playing via the built-in speakers of the laptop. Switched to Speakers Xmos and now it's fine.

  12. Aibo
    I just checked and yeah Win 10 is playing 32/192 on Topping D30 without problems. I was curios and also tried 32/192 through a Foobar exclusive mode and again it works... I guess D30 is doing internal conversion from 32 to 24, but I don't see any purpose for doing this, it's not like there's much native 32-bit material anyway. I suppose the best thing is to keep it at DACs native 24. That said I never had any problems with games, movies... using it like that. In my system D30 is probably the best behaved DAC I ever used, never had any noise, loud pop etc.
    eldus likes this.
  13. eldus
    Yeah, I was noticing it in Terraria mostly. The game engine itself is old, I think my issue has nothing to do with the D30.
  14. Hummer25
    Can I ask what you guys have found is the best set up for the Topping D30. I was thinking of using with a Macbook pro with Audirvana. Is the D30 better with a LPS (which one) and do I need to but anything in place between macbook and D30 to reduce jitter?
    Any recommendations would be appreciated.

    Also whist i am looking at the Topping D30, are there any other DACs out there at this price that better it?
  15. bixby

    Since you asked. No laptop has ever performed as well as a desktop in any of the Mac or Win enviornments. Avoid Mac Toslink at all costs unless you like jitter. And do not throw money at the Topping with a Jitter fixer upper or LPS. Get a better dac\d with a linear supply and a well implmented usb. A+ was my preferred player on Mas OS.

    Topping D30 was a bit impressive upon first week of ownership. Noticed defect in reproducing bass resulting in clipping. I chalk it up to a defective unit which was returned. Since then .............

    I think the JDS El dac for a bit more is quite a bit better especially when you consider: linear power, ASIO Support, the build with the optional filter switch (no charge), support that is super (not non-existent as with most Chinese makers without real US presence, they really wanted me to send it back to China at my cost when it was shipped from LA) and resale value regardless of the hype generated for topping.

    and if you cannot afford the JDS El Dac, the OL is pretty close or just wait until they pop a new dac to match the Atom at about $100.
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