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Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by krismusic, Mar 10, 2015.
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  1. Angular Mo
    Yes.... I did reply to your PM.
  2. Lord Raven
    I replied to it :D Glad!
  3. Beats-hiss
    Here is another web-app (also works on mobile) :
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  4. canali
    off to a 30 hearing test with 'next gen' this week...then will be booked in later with an ENT specialist.
    have some ringing...so want things to go out of control....drives me a bit crazy when i focus on it.
    don't listen to my iems at high volume...but am going to take in my player and cans/iems to get the
    testor's opp, too...
    .that ios app tinitus pro is now $27 i see.
  5. thuNDa
    Tinnitus can come from tense neck-/head-/jaw muscles too.
    One can test this by stretching the neck(more precisely the M. sternocleidomastoideus) with looking more upwards and more in the opposite direction of the stretch.
    If the tinnitus gets louder in this position - et voila. [​IMG]
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  6. canali
    boy are there some scams out there.
    ...or at the very least questionable practices.
    so i go to see 'nexgen' here in vancouver bc for a 'free hearing test'
    (free alone should have perked up my 'spidey sense'...nothing is really free).
    after the 20 min test it seems that i have 
    slight loss at upper levels....so i then get a free
    consult and am told my hearing loss is mild
    and i should be ok for a few yrs without a $600 hearing aid.
    ...oh and the ENT specialist i requested at my doc's office to get a further analysis:
    heck he is also with nexgen...what a joke.
    so off to st paul's hospital where i hope to get a more independent specialist
    for f/u.
    I have tinnitus and always wondered if my stressed neck muscles or jaw had something to do with it. I tried what you suggested and in one direction the tinnitus does increase. With that knowledge any direction for relief from this ringing?
  8. thuNDa
    "Triggerpoint" massage.
    I'm still not sure which muscle it is directly, that causes my nowadays usually only very mild stress induced tinnitus, but i have this one under suspicion: http://www.triggerpoints.net/muscle/lateral-pterygoid
    Which is easy to treat, just massage it (not too soft) with your thumb knuckle.
  9. Ruben123

    For me I get pretty obvious tinnitus when stretching the m. sternocleidomastoideus, try stretching that muscle a bit more often. The n. vestibulocochlearis doesnt travel over your face so those trigger points are not that helpful I guess.
  10. castleofargh Contributor
    I'm "lucky", I tend to have everything related one way or another. if I'm tired, if I'm stressed, if I'm sick, my jaw and neck will always become stressed and that will always lead to some pain+tinnitus going louder. of course something like neck pain alone will always trigger me tensing my jaw too much and boom, tinnitus. and loud tinnitus will annoy me, and boom tensed jaws and neck pain. so I really work in circle in a chicken or egg kind of way.
    aside from small grandma's remedies that don't solve anything but sometime avoid aggravating whatever I have, like trying not to look like I'm slowly getting assimilated by my desk and chair while sitting in front of my keyboard. good posture is never lost on your body.
    doing some movements and taking regular breaks to move around if I have to spend the day at a desk. I also have that highly technical stuff that I can't possibly do in front of people as long as I have self esteem, I name fruits doing slow exaggerated movements with my mouth to relax my face, and jaw muscles.
    not sure if it works with vegetables. [​IMG]
    all that feels like it helps a little, but so can taking a few deep breath, having fun, going for a run, have sex, spending a nice day out, avoiding long loud sounds... anything against stress and sickness also improves my tinnitus in a more or less related way.
    now my personal secret weapon is good sleep. lot of sleep(I use that flawless logic, we sleep 1/3 of our life, so if I sleep 12hours a day, I'll never die!). and go find that one pillow that is right for you. to me it's as important as finding a headphone/IEM that doesn't add extra fatigue to the ear. it really improved my neck condition and that in turn seems to have improved everything else from my mood to my tinnitus. nothing is perfect and if I focus in a quiet room I instantly notice that it was never gone, but the day goes by without thinking about it too much or having it becoming too loud.
    I'm still a jerk though, but now it's because I enjoy it. [​IMG] 
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