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Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by krismusic, Mar 10, 2015.
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  1. Angular Mo
    This thread has become tedious and stress-inducing for me to read.

    I accept my responsibility for poor judgment in playing headphones too loudly; I wanted to hear more detail from my Mojo.... I don't expect miracles from any physician.

    I am OK with sharing my experiences so that others who are going through the same don't feel alone. I am also grateful for multiple perspectives. I am on all the supplements; Day Two of zero coffee. Next is zero alcohol, typically I drink a glass at night. Medically; I started the prednisone today, along with Flonase.... and will be scheduling an MRI on my head to ensure the Lyme did not travel there.

    So far, after a week, I have no relief from this tone in my head; masking the sound with rain, birds chirping, beach sounds don't help much, and none at all once I remove the headphones.

    All of the arguments, though well-intentioned, serves nobody.
  2. castleofargh Contributor
    @Angular Mo we throw under one name a lot of different problems, and sadly, in many cases we have to learn to live with our tinnitus.
    I take this topic more as a warning to carefree audiophiles, as well as a place to see that we are not alone suffering from tinnitus.
    but of course we can at best talk about our own experience. this is not the place to look for treatments(when they exist[​IMG]).
    I hope you'll get better.
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  3. icebear
    An interesting approach (and no medications or supplements involved [​IMG])
    I have mentioned over here :
    Btw. no obvious results yet from my better half using it, other that she likes listening to music using the app which might already equal at least some positive effect. Anyway pretty simple and smart using today's tech. to approach a problem that no doctor has been able to fully explain, not to mention finding a fix.
    I'm glad I don't have the issue myself, it might get nerve wrecking after a while.
  4. AudioBear
    I have used Tinnitus Pro and I thought it did have an effect.  The downside is that I could not consistently listen for 2-4 hrs a day which is what it seemed to need to work.
    To save some of you some research, what the program does is allow you to measure your tinnitus frequency band, and then you can play your own music through it with a notch filter removing your tinnitus frequencies.  This negative masking attenuates your perception of those frequencies.  It's supposed to work for some people.  The program has some other features. It's worth a look and a try.  It's at least based on scientific papers published in good journals like PNAS.
    The downside is that (I assume) the program used Apple audio handling and would most likely not output through Onkyo HF.  SO my fellow audiophiles, do we want Hi-Def output or no tinnitus?
  5. castleofargh Contributor
    there's a bug in the matrix, I just saw 2 bears talking about the same idea. [​IMG]
  6. icebear
    LOL, I was first though[​IMG]
  7. Angular Mo
    All this avoiding one's tinnitus frequency I don't understand.

    I would think (uneducated hypothesis...) that one would want to hear the tinnitus frequency from an external source to use what hearing remains to train the brain to hear these frequencies so the brain does not try to recreate them, thereby causing that incessant harsh high-frequency tone.
  8. AudioBear
    No it doesn't seem to make a lot of sense.  Tinnitus doesn't make any sense to begin with, I mean it's like noise where there is no noise.  As I understand it some tinnitus sufferers have little or no hearing at the frequency of their tinnitus.  It is a apparent sound where they have no hearing.  Obviously when it comes to perception things aren't always as they appear are they?
    There is some discussion of the hypothesis about what's going on at the TinnitusPro website and there's a paper you can download.  The bottom line with a small sample of people a number (can't remember percentage) were helped by the tinnitus notch filter approach.  
    It helped me but the effects are not sustainable or I didn't do it for long enough.  When I stopped the using tinnitus pro the volume slowly went up on my tinnitus.  I may go back to it.  The problem is my lifestyle.  I actually talk to my wife a good bit during the day since we're both retired.  It's hard to walk around with cIEMS (64 Ears A12s)  and still talk to someone.  I could use my PM-3sI suppose.  Just never got into walking around with cans on my head. Obviously my tinnitus isn't bothering me enough to provide motivation and/or tinnitus pro isn't that motivating.  I've convinced me, I'll try it again and report back.
  9. Lord Raven
    Hi guys :D I think this is the quarantine zone for tinnitus inflicted people, I took two long assed flights and got it. I just came here to say that there is no connection of coffee cause tinnitus or aggravating it. I am on Betaserc 25mg, is anyone else using it? What else can be done to get rid of early hissing ears? Thanks and I feel so sorry about myself and everyone out there suffering from this killer noise.
  10. Beats-hiss
    Hey man, where did you fly from/to?
    I just did 2 x 11 hours and my tinnitus wasn't affected. If at all, I think taking Melatonin kind of eased it down.
  11. Lord Raven
    I flew from Jeddah Saudi Arabia to Sydney Australia, 8 + 8 hours onboard, first 8 hours they provided the earplugs, second time they did not and I regret is so much, I lost those previously provided plugs. I am a big issue with change in pressure as well, I can feel it when I goto a hill side, my ears are totally blocked and I go deaf for couple of days.
    What is the source of Melatonin? Can anyone else confirm it? I will start taking it on my own, I also use Ginkgo Biloba, my ENT who is a Gold medalist from USA suggested it.
  12. Beats-hiss
    Before you hit the pills, give this free tone therapy app a chance: http://lets-beat-tinnitus.co.uk/blog/free-tinnitus-pulse-therapy/
    Especially 'pulse 9' seems to work for a lot of people.
    By the way, you need to access that page from a desktop, as it doesn't load on mobile.
  13. Angular Mo
    That tinnitus therapy masking sound works Very well, provides a few minutes of residual relief.

    A month ago I bought Widex's Zen hearing aids; they have two asynchronous non-melodic piano "zen" tones to distract my brain and two wind-like noises. Very helpful.
  14. Lord Raven
    For me, meditation works well. I will try the website. Eat a lot of bananas, it regenerates the myelin sheath and is high in melatonin :D
    Sleep well and safe listening guys!
  15. Lord Raven
    Man you did not reply to my PM :p
    I hope you are doing well over there...
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