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Tin HiFi T3 Discussion Thread

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  1. chazza7
    I just discovered that the OEM foam tips that come with the T3 are apparently made by Xcessor, specifically the FX4.5 version. You can find them on Amazon. Apologies if this is common knowledge - but thought I'd share in case anyone's looking for stock replacements :darthsmile:
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  2. FatihEnes
    Thanks! Are u sure that the 4.5 mm will fit, or did u mean the 4.9 mm ?
  3. chazza7
    The Reddit post I found said the 4.5mm was the size of the stock foams - but I can't seem to find the spec on the size of the actual nozzle on the T3.
  4. ezekiel77
  5. chazza7
    UPDATE: the 4.5 foams work but they're a little snug - tried the 4.9 and they are perfect. As I type this, a set of blue and a set of red 4.9 foams are in my mailbox, so now I won't have to squint at the little blue and red rings to tell right from left :)
  6. eclein
    Hey T3 folks that wish for more bass (perfect for me but who cares), if you have the stock NiceHCK M6 cable try it on the T3’s and see if you hear more low end etc.! I’m hearing more myself but I’m apparently an old guy now as someone today called me “pops”! So your results may vary....still my daily driver the T3!!!!!
  7. cenix
    Would swapping the left and right channels on the mmcx cable cause the music to swap around too? So, the drums that are originally on the left will move to the right after the swap? I reckon that this would be weird for during a movie or something.
  8. PreetyAdrian
    Yes, if you swap around the connectors it will swap the channels also. Try this and use Chesky's sound tests
  9. cenix
    Thank you for your reply. I think that this T3 thing with different-shaped left/right pieces compared to the T2 and T2 Pro, is only an issue for people who wear it "straight down", but people who wear it over their ears shouldn't be experiencing issues?
  10. PreetyAdrian
    I don't have the T3s anymore in my possession to test this.
    Anyway, since I first tried over the ear I can't go back to the classic way :D
    It's way more comfortable in my opinion
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2019
  11. cenix
    Since you didn't have issues wearing it over the ears, I am going to assume that it's just fine.
  12. PreetyAdrian
    More or less :)
    I like the T3s a lot but the shape is not very comfortable anyway you wear it
  13. ElKabong
    Ordered this cable from Amazon, thanks for the heads up & link, love my T3's.
  14. cenix
    I have the 2-pin version of that cable for the KZ IEM, it did improve the sound stage for a little bit. Did the KZ gold and silver cable improve sound quality for your Tin T3 over the original cable? (I know that the original was a great cable already)
  15. chazza7
    Glad you found it.
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