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Tidal vs Spotify

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by krismusic, Sep 5, 2015.
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  1. Morkai

    It will be included in Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 6th edition
  2. WhiteKnite
    LOL it should. Yep the whole reason I read the Sound Science section is to keep me grounded from floating off into voodoo-placebo lala land.  Some things I just can't get over, especially 24 bit lossless.  
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  3. canali
  4. Morkai
    Bought a merdian explorer² to test this. Thought it made a difference... until I abxed it. From then on, no difference could be heard. 

    Audio is simple. What isn't is our thirst for dopamine. The thrill of novelty etc..

    Don't be a junkie, quit audiophily 
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  5. watchnerd
  6. castleofargh Contributor
    that one was kind of obvious from the start, if you go changing the bit values too much with a DSP, how can they decode anything from the lower values?
  7. watchnerd
    Of course, makes sense.
    I just hadn't thought about it.
    But it also means all those guys who are using HQPlayer etc aren't going to see their little light come on.
  8. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    For every one person that dismisses MQA because it isn't compatible with DSP...
    3 people will dismiss DSP because it isn't compatible with MQA
    10 people will use MQA with no idea what DSP is in the first place
    ... of which about 5 people will run into problems because of stuff like system mixer, resampler and volume control, eventually fix it using bitperfect protocols, and ask for stuff like system mixer, resampler and volume control (never mind DSP) to be abolished for the stock system as well...

    Just saying :popcorn:
  9. canali
    So Spotify might offer lossless..

    "Spotify is preparing to launch a Hi-Fi music tier
    The company is A/B testing its pricing strategy on some users"
    By Micah Singleton on March 1, 2017 11:09 am
  10. theveterans
    Hopefully Fidelify can accommodate flac if Spotify uses that codec. If not, I'll stick with the premium as Fidelify easily beats Tidal Hi-Fi in sound quality in my system IMO.
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  11. west0ne
    Spotify needs to build direct USB DAC output into their apps so that we can have bitperfect output for both streaming and offline music; this would set them ahead of Tidal, particularly on Android.
  12. theveterans
    For Windows OS, tt has to be ASIO for it to be bitperfect IMO. I still don't trust WASAPI as it still sounds like directsound, but with other audio stream muted in my experience. That ASIO drivers from my W4S USB audio interface just does wonders in providing the best digital sound before the DAC.
  13. Mark R-S

    +1 for that. I Commented the same thing to Spotify in the feature proposal discussion. I don't hear much difference between Tidal and Spotify on a Mac, but on Android there's a huge difference between Tidal via UAPP (and the eXtreme USB driver) and the Tidal app (with the crappy Android driver).

  14. NeoG
    DSP is the anti-thesis of MQA, so it makes sense that the system they created does not take it into account.
    I mean, the whole purpose of it is to tightly control the creation and delivery of bit-perfect audio and avoid PCM "shadiness" that happens in the audio chain. DSP is considered a shady practice to quite a few people.
    Also on the subject of Spotify not streaming the selected bitrate, I feel like they don't have the entire library in the extreme preset. I've heard obvious low quality streams with the setting on maximum and was unable to force the music to a version without compression artifacts.
  15. castleofargh Contributor
    wasapi can be set to output the fidelity as asio, but can also be used with various settings. like be set in non exclusive mode where its really not different from direct sound(you can have the sound of the media player and youtube at the same time for example). in such setting you're not bypassing anything and don't have the "bit perfect" idea. but it's only a matter of settings.
    anyway if a DAC has dedicated asio drivers and they're not too buggy, I'd indeed suggest using them. 
    is this post sarcastic?  MQA discards several bits of the original signal to replace them with sample data. so bit perfect... [​IMG]
    and MQA relies on DSP. [​IMG] it just doesn't enjoy other DSPs coming before the extraction of the stuff it has coded inside the PCM signal.
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