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Thoughts on a bunch of DACs (and why delta-sigma kinda sucks, just to get you to think about stuff)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by purrin, Dec 5, 2013.
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  1. 62ohm
    The prices of Schiit product (or getting a Schiit product from overseas) here in NZ is enormous. I can get a new BHA-1 for $2,000 NZD, while I would have to pay at least $1,000 NZD more for a new Ragnarok.
  2. Argo Duck
    ^ OT but are you comparing apples with apples? BHA-1s are retailed in NZ and presumably the importer 'bought forward' and escaped the recent large improvement in the US$.

    We have dropped about 1/7 in recent months (meaning we pay 1/6 more) and our dollar has not been this low (versus US) since about 2011. Bad timing with Yggy on the horizon :frowning2:

    (But it is what it is. We want the tech, we pay the price!)
  3. Za Warudo
    Any comparisons between the Modi 2 Uber and Gamma 2 (especially using coaxial input)?  Seems like they are similar sounding, if so I guess the Modi 2U would be the better value?  Is the Bifrost 2 Uber (no usb) a significant step up over the Modi 2U?  Which one is less warm?
  4. czy6412
    Any suggestions for a used dac (purely dac, not all in one dac+amp) at $500 range
  5. hans030390
    Depends on your tastes. I've seen some Gamma2 + PSU (it runs off USB if you don't have a dedicated PSU for it) go for less than $300. Out of the several DACs I've tried, that one has always been pretty memorable for me for the great sound it offered at a low price. The model I heard did not have the ASRC in it.
  6. smitty1110

    Schiit DACs up through the bifrost uber, I've had good experiences with all of them. Look on the classifieds, you might find a steal on there (I got a bifrost for $250 once). If you see a Matrix X-sabre for $500, jump on that, it's literally a steal.
    Disclaimer - It's St. Patty's day, I'm drunk. I freaking love this holiday!
  7. estreeter
    I tried to explain St Pats to some Thai ladies last night and I have to admit, it doesnt translate well.
    'We wear silly hats and drink green beer because we're celebrating the day Saint Patrick chased the snakes out of Ireland'
    'Oh, OK ...'
    Yep - mum would be proud that my early indoctrination into the Catholic church has left me with a profound understanding of the religious holidays  :wink:
    On a more serious note, for those in NZ and Europe bemoaning the slippery slope most of our currencies have been on with the USD since early Feb, no question that it will make Yggdrasil a very expensive proposition compared to customers in the US but its easier to swallow when you look at the sticker on most of Yggy's competition.
  8. 62ohm
    Well I predict the Yggy will cost more than $4,000 NZD here, so wouldn't really be an easy purchase..
  9. mauriceg
    To everyone who might be interested, I a little update on the question I asked earlier,
    I decided it would probably be smarter to get the Linn right away, instead of buying something cheaper and then regretting my purchase and having to buy the linn anyway later on.
    I am going to pick up a majik ds to try it out at home tomorrow. I will be hooking it up to a wireless bridge.
    The shop is also selling the original version of the akurate DS for a few hundred more.
    A quick question, I have heared great things about the new akurate, but is the older akurate DS also better than the current majik ds?
  10. kothganesh
    Ah, the master approves. That was a long reach from Chennai (India) to Calabasas (CA) to rub your tummy.[​IMG]
  11. Articnoise


    I haven’t heard the old Akurate DS/0 but the new DS/1 is considered a worthy upgrade. As good as the Majik sound it’s still on the lean side compared to the Akurate or Master 7. For me the fact that the Akurate has balanced outputs and the Majik not, is another important factor to considering then making the choice.

    If you can try both do that, If not read on different forums and call stores who sells Linn and ask their opinion. Personally I would go for the Akurate DS/0 if the price difference is small and both is in good condition and have some warranty left.

    Summing up: I think you will be happy with which ever you chose.

  12. mauriceg

    I am afraid to try the akurate, it's a 600€ difference and I already have a hard time getting the money for the majik together. If it is that much better I will only be frustrated in the end. I already heared the majik and thought it was excellent so I guess I should just try the majik (I get to try it at home) if I'm not satisfied after a couple days I could still try a few days I could always try the akurate. i guess that way I spare some money and I won't feel bad about my purchase if I end up with the Majik.
  13. purrin
    You should get the Akurate, even if its DS/0 [​IMG]
  14. mauriceg
    I guess I'll just do a side by side test
    But I am scared to do so, or at least, my wallet is,,, :D
  15. 7ryder
    Don't say I didn't warn you about listening to the Akurate!
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