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Thoughts on a bunch of DACs (and why delta-sigma kinda sucks, just to get you to think about stuff)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by purrin, Dec 5, 2013.
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  1. prot

    I'm pretty sure that any anno2015 Dac works fine with the hd650. An iphone does a very good job already...and with an extra amp for a bit more oomph, you're all set
  2. kothganesh
    Obviously not Purrin but please see my IMO above ( I actually have them)
  3. kugino Contributor

    there was one in the f/s forum for a pretty good price...don't know if it's still there...
  4. estreeter
    Cmon, purrin - I thought you told me a hundred or so pages back that your apostles dont have to kneel in your presence any more ? :wink:
  5. evanft
    Given the price of the BHA-1, wouldn't it make more sense to go straight for the Ragnarok?
  6. jogfi2002

    Yeah I saw it yesterday!
    It seems serveral people have PMed him and not sure if I will be the one to get it.
  7. Clemmaster
    There are already 2 person before you. I'll let you know when I get answers [​IMG]
  8. jogfi2002
    And how about the Marantz? Do you think it sounds better than the DC-1?
  9. Clemmaster
    The Marantz has a great USB input and a better headphone amp.
    The sound is quite different. The DC-1 is warm and laid-back, the HD-DAC1 is more detail-oriented, better sound-stage/imaging and leaner.
    The Marantz is more exiting and more technically proficient for sure. The headphone amp is much better than the Emotiva, too.
  10. jogfi2002
    Thanks for the review.
    Please let me know if you have decided. Either the DC-1 or Marantz is OK.
    Do others have shown interest on the Marantz? If no, I may pick it up.[​IMG]
  11. purrin
    ^ pretty much that.
  12. purrin
    It dawned on me that there is no escape. :)
    It's really more a matter of function - spreading the word of good sound. If people want to show me their appreciation, that's fine. If people think I am insane, that's fine too. What's makes me happy is talking with people and helping them find the DAC that suites their preferences at a reasonable or unreasonable price. Otherwise I'd make a website called DACreviews.com and shill the **** outta everything that came to me, especially the permanent loaners. Hmm, I'm beginning to see how this religion thing works...
  13. jexby
    the appreciation IS (in part) because you are insane!
    thanks for the continued contributions here and on other islands.
    knock CanJam SoCal for a loop!
  14. jexby
    very much appreciated for your rankings, as I'm looking at a secondary set up.
    if a modi 2 uber + Wyrd grace your ears additional info always appreciated.
  15. JohnnyCanuck
    What makes you think that they're mutually exclusive?   [​IMG]
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