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Thoughts on a bunch of DACs (and why delta-sigma kinda sucks, just to get you to think about stuff)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by purrin, Dec 5, 2013.
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  1. skeptic
    Purrin - any chance you and misterrogers might have a chance to get together and set the yggy .99 and his soekris r2r build side by side?  That seems like the other really interesting novel option out there right now - and the price is shockingly low considering the psu, fpga and discrete r2r ladder are all included on the board.  I imagine it is only a matter of time before someone enterprising (or unemployed) starts building/kitting them up with amanero boards for those who aren't interested in diy.  The fact that the diyaudio community keeps cranking out new filters makes it sound like a whole lot of fun, even if it isn't ultimately quite up to the level of yggy (and once the firmware issues all get squared away).
  2. mauriceg
    That is true, this is so dificult....
  3. Priidik
    Such impressions would be priceless. MrRogers has quite a setup around his Soekris board too, further fortifying its performance.
    As much faith that i have on the dam1021, i doubt it challenges Yggy straight on. Fortunately i will hear them side by side myself sooner or later anyways [​IMG].
  4. estreeter
    I really like the fact that the DVR case used in the diyuino build doesnt look like something nwavguy threw together while he was testing a design. While its obvious that he has repurposed some of the cutouts in the casework, the end result looks neat - I cant solder to save myself, but I look forward to hearing more on this project. 
  5. djcarpentier
    Anyone here heard any of the dacs by Monarchy Audio?
  6. purrin
    I haven't spoken to misterrogers on the siekris discrete r2r boards - he did offer some impressions on some other web forum out there. The concerns he has right now are with filters and power supplies. I'd give him some time to tweak it. He has said good things about it, but I haven't heard "highly resolving" yet.
    I can definitely see a good $1200-$1500 custom DAC built on the soekris boards.
  7. kugino Contributor
    I posed the same question a few pages back. the 22 series used the pcm63 chip and got really good reviews back in the day. but I personally have not heard one...
  8. purrin
    Sadly, I've had to part ways with the Yggy and returned the unit back to Schiit. In the meantime, I've added one update to the first page. You can guess what it is. Mainly because I keep getting asked about the Theta DACs.
  9. djcarpentier

    I just purchased one at a very good price. As i just listen to redbook it was worth a try. I'll let you know what i think soon.
  10. coli
    I've been reading the thread, but why do you hate chocolate ice cream?
  11. Yoga

    Purrin likes it transparent. Chocolate ice cream is coloured and flavoured. The mere thought of Ben & Jerry's sends him into spasm.
    He chews ice after each meal.
    Argo Duck likes this.
  12. jexby
    "and when he breathes it, he breathes pure Oxygen with none of that nitrogen junk.
    he's the most Interesting Man in the world."
  13. Sorrodje
  14. purrin
    Originally the thread was titled "...and why I hate Sabre". I re-titled so I wouldn't hurt peoples' feelings. I figured I wasn't a fan of chocolate ice cream either - doesn't go well with bourbon. I prefer homemade Vanilla lightly sugared with egg yolk (French Vanilla).
    Ben and Jerry's ice cream is the most disgusting stuff in the world. I mean, why would anyone foul something that is already so rich. Only the Persians know how to do complex stuff like that right (rose-water, saffron, pistachio).
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  15. StefanJK
    Can't be warm up...will be at at stable temp way before 24 hours.  Not that it matters and I'm getting one anyway, but I don't like believings that seem to violate physics.  Can't imagine though what else it could be.  I'd rather believe break-in, with faster warm up after that.
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