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Thoughts on a bunch of DACs (and why delta-sigma kinda sucks, just to get you to think about stuff)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by purrin, Dec 5, 2013.
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  1. Sorrodje
    I paid 1800€ for it :wink: . not so expensive compared to a lot of other contenders ( Metrum Hex, Audio GD last flagship, Auralic Vega ... ) but it's discontinued and somewhat rare on the market. The current most affordable totaldac is priced at 6500€.
    I purchased this A1 because I fell in love with R2R with the discover of the Metrum Octave. This totalDAC and the Yggy was my two best bets for my end-game HD800 rig. But you're right it's serious money. That's why I decided to buy this totaldac while I'm saving money for the Yggy.  when I'll be ready, I'll be able to compare them side by side at home and then choose the one I prefer with my own ears. 
    Fortunately I've friend who own other "big" dacs like the AMR DP555 or the Totaldac D1 Dual. I hope we'll have the opportunity to compare the Yggy to all these. :wink: . i'm eager to discover by myself if the Yggy is really the promised state-of-the-art DAC on the market.. or not. No offense to Marv' or Zerodeefex or other people who claimed the Yggy blows all other dacs out the water but I much prefer to make my own opinion with my own (flawed) ears.
  2. arnaud Contributor

    Congrats on the A1! I have gotten used to me D1 but what's left is just enjoyment. I started with the compensation filter on (compensation for the rolloff due to the brickwall filter for nos playback of 44.1k material) but soon found that leaving it off sounded more natural (having it on gives treble a somewhat metallic / hard sound).

    I may have gone death but I think that this rollof issue of nos dacs is overplayed a bit: I enjoy the D1 without the compensation filter, and switching from 44.1k to HD material does not make me feel like I am missing on a ton of detail or air.

    I shall be proved wrong at some point perhaps and don't doubt the oversampling filter in the iggy is great and all but, from my seat, it feels more like playing into schiit's marketing on the revolutionary filter. There's so much more to a dac than just this filter, one would need to hear the iggy with a more traditional filter in order to assertively attribute the perceived "unprecedented resolution" of the iggy to its OS filter.

  3. Sorrodje
    Thanks Arnaud,
    On the A1 , the FIR filter is not desactivable . There isn't any setting at all. On/off button, One Coax Input, Two RCA ouputs and that's all. KISS philosophy and its all what I need [​IMG] .
    Hope You'll have the chance to compare your D1 to the Yggy too. [​IMG]
  4. estreeter
    Thanks for the feedback - I realise its very tough with so few hours, but hopefully you'll be able to revisit this thread in a month or so when you've had more time with the DAC. My expectations would be through the roof if I had a chance to listen to anything from totaldac - their current range seems to stretch into the seriously high-end and you definitely got a bargain. 
  5. Sorrodje
    @Estreteer : I even asked my friend to loan me the Octave I sold to him in order to compare the two directly. I won't be able to do quick A/B but at least I'll have the two DAC on my desk.
  6. frenchbat

    Or you can pass by to visit us next time you're around :wink:. Closest thing to the Yggy is still the Theta gen Va and I have a Rag incoming.
  7. purrin
    You got your wires crossed. Yggy's digital filter doesn't have as much to do with its "unprecedented resolution" as with its holographic staging / precise imaging. Gen V has the same filter but with a smaller processing window. You should hop over to frenchbat's place to get a sense of the Gen V's imaging/staging, preferably with speakers. Keep in mind that the Gen V already trashes the MSB DACs, and the Yggy trashes the Gen V.
    Yggdrasil's resolution is because of its effective bits and accuracy (the chips used - I believe it's a badly kept secret now). I'm in the middle of certain experiments to further verify this. Everyone will get to read a paper about this in a year or so.
  8. smitty1110
    Hopefully the paper won't be pay-walled [​IMG]
  9. purrin
    So it sounds like a PCM1702? :)
  10. Sorrodje
    Never heard any one. [​IMG]
  11. frenchbat

    Might take a while, since I'm not in Japan anymore. But he knows the door's open :wink: Depends whether someone among the Tokyo team gets an Yggy first or not.
  12. Sorrodje
    Back to France ?
  13. frenchbat
    Yep, though opposite side from you. Northern Brittany. You're welcome if you're passing by, just need some planning.
  14. zerodeefex
    OH! So the totalDAC sounds like this:
  15. Sorrodje
    Don't forget there's several Totaldac. I purchased the lowest priced one . the state-of-the-art totaldac which meany people consider as the best current dac in production is the totaldac D1 Dual .
    Currently listening  to this :
    I can't believe i have a Stax lambda on my head. lol
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