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Thoughts on a bunch of DACs (and why delta-sigma kinda sucks, just to get you to think about stuff)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by purrin, Dec 5, 2013.
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  1. mcullinan
    How much is the cheapest TotalDac in the US? The list of pricing is confusing.
  2. Sorrodje
    New it shoud be around 6500$ I guess. The entry level totaldac is the Single D1.
  3. frenchbat
    Funny, just realized Totaldac headquarters are actually only an hour away from my place. Another reason to come and visit guys ...
  4. arnaud Contributor
    Frenchbat, first it's great to read you again on this forum! Would live to stop by you guys place (all the more if we could pay vincent briant a visit :) ). As it stands though earliest bet would be summer 2016 (won't be able to drive there this summer) :frowning2:((.
    I cannot imagine nobody will go for the iggy locally, especially if it is that good so this comparison to the D1 will eventually occur...
  5. purrin
    That's the 14.5 bit DAC right? :)
  6. evanft

    Does Yggy have USB gen 2 or 3? 
  7. zerodeefex
    USB gen 3
  8. Clemmaster
    Still better than the 6 bits delta-sigma crap currently prevalent...
  9. Clemmaster
    I payed Vincent a visit when I grabbed his Total USB cable. Alas, he had no DAC ready in house and his speakers were dismounted [​IMG] (Xmas time).
  10. estreeter
    14.5 bits or no, I'd be happy to take any of the totaldac lineup for a spin. Less enthused about the Phasure nos1a given some of PeterSt's increasingly eccentric rants over at CA - I guess some people get a thrill out of working with a mad genius but I'd prefer to see more of the genius and a little less of the mad  :wink:
  11. frenchbat

    Summer '16 sounds good anyway. We're planning a trip to Tokyo next year too actually. 
    I'm totally expecting someone to get anYggy in the meantime, but we'll do as usual, forget about gear and have fun.
  12. frenchbat
    Given that he only started his company, I guess he's careful with his stock.
    Next time, give me a heads up. Assuming there's another time :)
  13. Clemmaster
    Next time will most likely be next Xmas... But I keep that in mind! Je suis de Rennes.
    Demand is high enough, apparently! Also, surprisingly, the bigger DACs seem to sell just as well as the D1 single. He just departed from one of the big DACs before I came...
  14. frenchbat

    Xmas family meeting, I see. Well then there will likely be a next time then. Xmas is my busiest work period (seasonality of my business), but we can try something out. I'm on the coastline (Saint Malo)
  15. Sorrodje
    LOL !
    @purrin : Don't get me wrong I don't claim anything myself. I just know people who heard all Hi end DAC including DCS or MSB best offers and who 've choosen the TotalDAC D1 Dual as their end-game dac. that's alL . No need to kid me with 0,5 bits :wink: . we're not teens right ? we are not here to compete with the lenght our bits ( private joke for french speakers included  "concours de bit(e)s = di.k contest ) .
    Would you kind enough to give us explanations or sources for this 14 bits affairs.  I read you a few posts before but didn't take time for further reading.  thks
    A few more impressions after two more houres of listening yesterday evening : the DAC seems to put the hand on my Stax system and squeeze it like a citrus to extract the music. I feel more like I've bought a new big amp than a new dac. 
    The SR404 before totaldac :
    After totaldac :
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