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Thoughts on a bunch of DACs (and why delta-sigma kinda sucks, just to get you to think about stuff)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by purrin, Dec 5, 2013.
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  1. frenchbat
    Just curious, how much is the A1 going for now ?
  2. Sorrodje
    Juste call Vincent. Maybe he has still one or two . It's currently officially discontinued
  3. frenchbat
    I'm not really interested, just curious. I've seen it's discontinued and it's only until the end of the stock. How much did you pay yours ?
  4. Sorrodje
    1800€ Shipped .
  5. frenchbat
    gotcha. Curious to hear it, but the more time passes, the better my Theta deal sounds.
  6. Sorrodje
    Would be really interested to give a listen to the Theta myself.  You currently drive your HD800 with the Leck ?
  7. frenchbat

    I'm using my benchmark as the amp. I can see faces cringing already, but no the benchmark isn't that bad. Especially the HDR with the LM4562, which I have. 
    Anyway, I have a Rag incoming this month, whenever it's back in stock this side of the pond.
    That said, I'm expecting a fairly large increase, coming from Theta rca single-ended on the DAC1 to xlr balanced on the Rag.
  8. Armaegis
    So... you're saying the totaldac adds a saturation filter? [​IMG]
  9. Sorrodje
    You piss me off pyrates [​IMG]
  10. Sorrodje
    I guess you won't be disappointed. I'll grab a Rag on loan in next weeks . I'm curious. [​IMG]
  11. frenchbat
    Too bad your hd800 is still away :D , but stax ain't so bad either
  12. Sorrodje
    My HD800 will be back at home before the rag.
  13. frenchbat
    All good then.
  14. ericfarrell85
    What did you think of the Spectral when you heard it?
  15. purrin
    Haha. I cite Six Loons: 
    While the Totaldac is a 24-bit network, 0.01% resistors cannot easily exceed 14-bit resolution (1/10.000 versus 1/65.536 for a 16-bit signal). The 24-bit foil ladder is 
     used at full capacity but guarantees 14-bit resolution for both most significant and less significant bits. 
    Then they go on to make some lame-ass excuse: 
    Built-in dynamic limitation of large-scale signals is obvious but in reality today’s status of recordings and microphones here is the greater limiting factor. The never-ending race towards higher-resolution converters seems wasted in view of the top accuracy of the rest of the playback chain.
    That makes my BS detector go off:
    • Why don't I just run my wave files through a computer program that I wrote to decimate the last 2 bits of every RedBook recording to get 14-bits. (I've actually done this and more.)
    • I'm surprised how much plankton Yggy is able to scrap off from both old and new mediocre quality recordings (not to mention other notable DAC such as Gen V, PWD2, M1, etc.) I don't buy this "oh, all recordings are ****", we don't need a full 16-bits. I mean, why don't we just pull out the good ol' TDA1540 (14-bit, 4 LSB DNL error)?
    Musical satisfaction / re-creation of reality requires being as true to the original tapes or source as much as possible. I can only speak for myself.
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