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Thinking of trying out vinyl?

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  1. Saleri
    My current setup is my laptop, a magni/modi, and the sennheiser hd 600. I want to keep using my headphones for a while. So what else would I need? Hoping I won't have to spend more than $500. 
  2. Huwge

    Some records?

    Starting with vinyl is tricky - my first thought is that at the very least you'll need to factor in a phono stage for the turntable. I managed to connect my turntable to a MacBook Pro for the sake of converting some vinyl to digital files but did not listen via the Mac. Personally it seems like a lot of effort for not much gain and I say that as some one with over 1000 LPs. But then, if you have inherited a large collection it might be worth it. But beware the vinyl bug, it's worse than head-fi. moving magnet or moving coil, different tonearms, phono stages ...
  3. Saleri
    Honestly part of the reason I want to try out vinyl is because I won't have to stare at a laptop screen. Do that way too much already. So I wanted something like vinyl. And getting some vinyls shouldn't be a problem. So what should I get besides that?
  4. musikevan
    To make it worthwhile and enjoyable at your price point, you would probably be best off with a used Thorens TD 166, and a decent cartridge such as Grado, and have it properly set up by an experienced analog enthusiast. If you wanted something new, you could try a Rega (p3 or better-- NOT the older Planar 3 that many folks confuse with the P3). A good phono stage can begin with a NAD pp2 or pp3, or better yet, a decent tube unit yaqin, or other brand. This will reach your price point and get decent results, but only after the table is isolated on a vibration-free shelf (beware of parasitic vibration from adjacent power amp transformers!!!  Use a stethoscope).
    You will then hear all the crud from mixing consoles, fake reverb, adjacent groove echo, warp wow, off-center pressing speed fluctuations,inner groove distortion,and surface noise, but you'll also find those hidden gems not found on the internet, and experience tonal colors and midrange magic that digital still cannot get right. 
  5. musikevan
    ...and if you are willing to fuss a little more, consider a Rek o Kut Idler drive with a good modern tonearm. Rumble will be audible from across the room, but the pitch stability is unbeatable, and frequency range is glorius...but your modern day audiophiles will laugh at you!
  6. LAmitchell
    Cool thread. Was just thinking about going into vinyl recently when I came across this.

    Scares me, thinking it could be more addictive than head-if lol
  7. AmarulaGold

    Do the vinyl tracks sound different when converted to digital? Have always been curious as to why/how that is done...
  8. atarione
    there is a lot of different ways ...I myself have a number of vintage turntables that I like quite a lot..I mostly use a circa 1977 hitachi PS-48 ... really like this (actually I have 2 of these both ~$20)
    of course if you go with a vintage table (look about Craigslist or thrifts or yardsales... does require luck /patience I guess) or a new table without a built in phono stage you are going to need one.
    if I didn't want to fuss about with 30~yr old or more vintage stuff..  I'd consider U-Turn..  pretty solid entry TT (starting at $180~ and they sell a phono pre amp $90~)
     there are a bunch of other options some of which like the TEAC TN-300 have a built in Phono stage which would be handy in your situation.  
  9. atarione
    here is a TT I have had for about 1yr ...found it at the goodwill for $20  this is a late 70s Yamaha YP-D6 (direct drive)
     currently it has a scavenge headshell and ATH  1001 P-Mount cartridge (w/ adapter obviously) I grabbed from a broken TT I had .. as it hand none of these parts when I bought it.  at some point (when I remember to do it) I will likely upgrade this arrangement.
  10. Podster

    Nice DD Yammy[​IMG]
    My preferred venue at home in my attic cave[​IMG] Pick a rig!
      Upload Files...
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  11. atarione
    I have the devil's own luck ... my office setup would actually have come in below the OP's budget.  and the Sony ES Preamp does quite well as headphone amp... very good.
    I found one 1/2 off day sale... this AMAZING.. it is in VG shape Sony ES stack (TA-N77ES, TA-E77ESD, 700ES (TD), 730ES Tuner, and SDP-777ES surround processor and a N110 amp (not an ES series model but has the wood sides too) for $75 for the whole lot... works great... meter lamps burnt out when I bought it..but I replaced them for $20~
    the TT is a Hitachi PS-48 (circa 1977) DD turntable that cost $20
    and the speakers I'm using with this are some JBL L1's on stands that cost $40 at an Estate sale...
    honestly the rack and the speaker stands cost more than the gear (rack $99 on sale and stands $70 about).      equipment $135 and stands rack $169~....   however It is not probably easy for anyone to duplicate this set up at any thing near this price... these amps sell $900-1200~ on ebay (just the amp) generally when listed.. so... I have good luck in this regard which makes me quite happy indeed.
  12. Podster

    Nice Atari, that Sony ES stuff is great gears. Have had many pairs of JBL's over time, L36's L100's, L-65 Jubals and my 4311B Control Monitors were my babies at one time being driven with a pair of NAD PE2200's[​IMG] Nothing more involving than a sweet vinyl setup[​IMG]
    How's this for old school, circa 1978[​IMG] Pioneer SX-1050, SG-9500, Techniques SL-23 belt drive with Larger Advents (2 way acoustics)[​IMG]
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  13. navar

    I totally agree.
  14. LAmitchell

    Glad you commented, as I had totally forgotten I once said that...

    Turns out that I did get into vinyl, and I'm on my second turntable!

    I just moved out a vintage Thorens TD-160...


    To make room for a SOTA Comet...


    I wanted to find out what all the vinyl fuss was about...

    And guess what? I got caught up in it! hehehehe

    Fortunately, my vinyl adventure has been very very low-cost...

    I've tried several different cartridges (all low priced), and I use a 1990's Yamaha receiver with built-in phono stage. The turntables were both given to me (how lucky!) and my father has tons of albums that I can listen to.


    However, I still find myself fantasizing about buying a separate phono-stage, better amp, a record cleaner, etc. I'm forcing myself to wait at least ONE YEAR before buying anything significant. I want to make sure this is not just a passing phase for me :)


    I think my favorite aspect of vinyl is not having that TENSE-FEELING that digital gives when listening to music. I didn't even realize I was feeling tense until I started listening to vinyl (with a semi-decent cartridge mind you).


    I've learned how to align cartridges, balance tone-arms, etc. And it has been "fun", but I'm thinking I would rather invest in a good quality streamer (something from Naim) and maybe have the turntable sitting next to it with 10-20 of my favorite records... as kind of a novelty/toy for guests to play with when they come to visit.
  15. Podster
    It's an addiction fella's, resistance is futile[​IMG] LOL
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