Thinking of trying out vinyl?

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  1. LAmitchell
    Nice setup Podster. Perfect place to kick back and enjoy the music :notes:
  2. Podster

    Yeah, I was a little worried when I first moved in having the walls gabled like they are but being fully carpeted this room sounds awesome firing down into the long configuration. A major difference in it's old near field wood floor setup!
    THX for the Rep Atari, here's a shot of the receiving end and before I got the flat panel mounted[​IMG]
  3. MiLeX
    I like the idea of records and everything that goes with it. But....
    I am lazy and I don't want all that work. :D However a good setup and clean records can sound so nice!
    I read a lot about records and about those who hate the digital stuff. 
    It is not that digital is worth, but as far as the most plausible theories go, the mixing/mastering seams to be better for records, that's the main reason why records might sound better, it is not the medium, but how it was mixed and mastered. 
  4. musikevan
    Milex--it's probably because the noise floor and phase issues inherent in a vinyl stereo lp obscures the artifacts from the original mix/master. I often prefer vinyl too but acknowledge this masking makes things just sound better. An lp played upon a true high end turntable can be maddening as the limitations of vinyl become painfully obvious.
  5. dockie7
    Thanks for this thread. I'm reading Dust and Grooves by Eilon Paz right now and doing a lot of convincing to myself if I will go to the nostalgic appeal of vinyl. But I want to carry my music with me so I still want a digital format as well. Though I am rift between two worlds already but seems technology today and the turntables that is coming out allow us in the digital format may enjoy both worlds after all. I am listening on the side and I hope this thread can help me more towards the right decision to convince myself to try the vinyl world.
  6. Podster
    Like all audio one must take the good with the bad, like any well mastered and recorded media when you get the right mastering on clean and noise free surface vinyl can be as magical as it gets[​IMG]
  7. stevemoore
    A lot of times you find music that is not released but only on vinyl. Another point for vinyl.
  8. atarione
    I guess some people might do all their listening on vinyl .. I don't ..I listen to records quite a lot..but I'm more than happy to use high quality digital audio sometimes .. and out and about frequently just spotify
  9. Weshcubb
    Whelp... I came here looking for decent turntable recommendations at around 200$ or less and realized that's only a dream unless I find something at a second hand store haha, excuse me while I go spend the rest of my life in thrift stores looking for something that works XD 
  10. LAmitchell

    I think you could get a fun TT for $200...

    I would get one that captures my heart just by looking at it.

    Something about staring at a turntable while the record spins is part of why I like vinyl.


    If after a year, you find yourself curious about what a larger investment will get you,
    you will know it's worth it to spend more :)

    Just a thought,
    LA Mitchell
  11. Weshcubb
    Thank you for the recommendation and I was looking at the Audio Technica AT-LP60BK as something just to get started with again, I've had some hand me down JVC stuff in the past and used to have a fairly large Vinyl collection however most of it was lost due to some relationship stuff in the past. Now I have one Vinyl that I bought a year ago at FYE and just have been wanting to get back into it, so I thought to look and see where the high end of phono took me. I was honestly shocked to see how much it is. I'll probably just get the AT-LP60BK until I decide what I really want down the line. 
  12. Podster

    Love that shot @LAmitchell, great Chuck album too[​IMG]
    Nancy said back off with those boots[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  13. florencephile

    nicely designed.
  14. LAmitchell
    My love for vinyl ebbs and flows...

    Lately I've been looking at the stacks of records around the music room thinking "do I really need all these records? Do I even have time to listen to them?"

    And when I do play them, I find myself thinking things like "I wish I could afford a better cartridge so I could REALLY enjoy it"

    But then on the other hand...


    I find it such a beautiful thing... to be in the presence of a good turntable.... with a nice record spinning around... while a little bitty diamond gets dragged across it :sunglasses:

  15. wuwhere Contributor
    You also need a phono preamp and a cartridge. You can buy a VPI Nomad that has a built-in phono preamp, a moving magnet cartridge and a built-in headphone amp.
    It costs about $1k, you may be able to buy a used one for much less than that.
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