Thinking of trying out vinyl?

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  1. Mr Rick
    For me, it's not so much trying out, as bringing out of retirement.[​IMG]
    I just bought a Schiit Mani, and Nagaoka MP-110m cart to go on my NOS Pioneer PL-516 belt drive TT.
    I still have most of the vinyl I purchased in the 60's, 70's, and 80's. I can't seem to throw anything away.[​IMG]
    Waiting on a Schiit Freya and will be driving a PrimaLuna tube amp into a pair of KEF LS50s. It's a much better system then I ever had in my formative years.
  2. Podster

    Nice, I'm betting that 516 sounds really sweet with the MP-110[​IMG]
    I'm really loving my new Yaqin MC30L driving my Klipsch LaScala's, have an Edwards Apprentice Phono Pre on my P-1/Ortofon 2M Blue[​IMG] (My tube/Folded Horn live venue setup)
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  3. JK1
    I don't understand the recent popularity of records. Most of us who grew up using records hated them, as they get scratched and warped much too easily.

    I wonder if many who are into records are also buying fountain pens and film cameras.
  4. Podster
    I'd take a nice piece of vinyl on either of my tables before a poor digital file especially stuff with lots of roll off:wink:
  5. Mr Rick

    Actually I collect film cameras. I have nearly 100.

    No pens, but I also collect watches, of which I have about 50.

    I know, I need professional help. :ksc75smile:
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  6. JK1
    Do you collect pocket watches, or just wind up wrist watches?

    Many years ago I took a darkroom course in black and white photography, and was developing my own film, making prints, etc.

    I haven't used photographic film in over 10 years. There are those who want to see photographic film discontinued, and are trying
    to pass laws to stop its production, as both its production and development cause plenty of pollution.

    Many people under 21 have never used a film camera, a typewriter, a turntable, a rotary phone, a cassette player, or a watch that needs to be wound.
  7. Mr Rick
    I collect wristwatches primarily. Heuer chronographs specifically. Hand wound and early automatics.

    I have film cameras going back to the 40s and 50s. All film types.

    I'm 67 so wristwatches and film cameras are nothing new to me.
  8. JK1
    This made me laugh. Young women singing the song Kodachrome. I bet they never used Kodachrome, and probably never used any photographic film.

  9. Matez
    One day I'll get myself a nice tourbilon. These are in my head constantly lately.
  10. davidland
    thanks for sharing!
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