ThieAudio Voyager 14
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Some specs:

14 Balanced Armatures Driver with 5-way Crossover and 4 Sound Bores Per ChannelDual Knowles Ultra-High Frequency BA x2, Knowles High Frequency BA x2, Dual Sonion Mid-Frquency BA x2, Dual Sonion Low-Frequency BA x22 Tuning Switches For 4 Tuning Options for various listening PreferenceHandcrafted IEM

112dB at 1 kHz
18 ohm @ 1KHz
Frequency Response
10 Hz - 22 kHz
Plug Recessed
0.78mm 2Pin
Connector Optional
3.5mm/2.5mm/4.4mm Jack
Cable Length
1.2 m
Cable Material
Copper and Silver Tensil Mixed Wire
Net Weight
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Here's Badguy's graph


Wouldn't mind hearing impressions of the Voyager 3 as well
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I do believe I was the first person to get theirs after BGGAR.

I didn't post yet because I am forming a decent opinion about the IEMs. So far it's been over a week! It takes me awhile to try difference sources, cables, tips, etc and get a good idea what is going on.

Things I can say with certainty
1. Quad vented sonion BA drivers produce bass that beats a lot of DD sets and pumps so much low end it makes me tear up. Other BA sets wish they had low end like this.
2. Microdetail is off the hook. I've never heard anything close except the EJ07 and it did not have much above 10k
3. fit is incredibly good, also the IEM is light and small for how many BAs it has. Smaller than the Moondrop A8/S8.
4. Value is very good, if this is TOTL level (don't ask me, i don't have enough experience) $1000 bux is a great deal.
5. The 2 switches change the tuning quite a bit. I notice Basshead is 10, Neutral is 00, Laser treble is 01 and 11 has not been tested yet.

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Curious about these, but the short & thick nozzle has me hesitating. The shell (and switches) reminds me of the Tansio Mirai shells which I had fit issues with.
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I thought I'd mention that this IEM is not super ultra sensitive like the number of BAs might suggest. It is about 20ohm and my devices react normally for that.
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Curious about these, but the short & thick nozzle has me hesitating.

I actually had a really hard time finding tips for it.. and then I looked in the freakin package the IEM came with, presto AMAZING long bore foam tips that are nicer than comply...
WHAT? :dt880smile:

The seal is now ultra perfect with the included tips. I actually DM'd Linsoul and told them the tips are the best i've ever tried and would like them for sale seperately.
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Didn't the Voyager 14 has 16 drivers, since the description speaks about 8 drivers per side?
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14 Drivers per side?
Can you make some closeup pictures?
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Right, i have seen this video, but im gonna look at it again.
This time, a bit more careful! :smile:
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How can i get these in UK without crippling import charges ?
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I'm curious as to what the actual benefits of cramming 14 bas in a tiny iem package, at some point there's got to be diminishing returns / tradeoffs to making the bas smaller and smaller so you can cram more in from an engineering perspective.

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