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They might be Kings: Focal Utopia, Sony MDR-Z1R, HiFiMan Susvara, HE1000 V2, MrSpeakers Ether Flow & Meze Empyrean

Discussion in 'Currawong' started by currawong, Mar 6, 2017.
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  1. Currawong Contributor
    Yes, those things are what I was referring to. Thanks for the extended summary.

    No idea. The whole rug design is of something along the lines of a forest. Probably meant to be a deer.
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  2. Ragnar-BY
    There are hundreds (or maybe even thousands) of $1000+ speaker manufacturers in the world, and how many hi-end headphones manufacturers we have? Ten or fifteen? I think there is a reason for that.

    Also, capitalism is not all about overpriced things. First of all, it means that if somebody could make similar thing for less, he would do it and sell it to get a profit. So, while I admit that $3000 headphones are very expensive, I can justify this purchase.
  3. Sp12er3
    When will ADX5000 Enters this lineup~?
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  4. datasyd
    Where in Sydney can I listen to a pair AND buy a pair of Meze Empyrean headphones today or tomorrow? My usual suppliers of Audio gear along these product lines (Minidisc and Addicted to Audio) do not stock it :frowning2:

    EDIT: it must be the power of social media; Addicted to Audio have pulled a rabbit out of a hat and I am off to purchase a pair. Thank you everyone for for reviews and input❣️
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2019
  5. Audio Aficionado
    I've enjoyed reading this thread, I didn't have the time to read every page but I got to around post 150 and skipped to around 260th, and read on from there. I have not heard the Focal Utopia and the Sennheiser HD800 but from what i've gathered, it seems that the Focal Utopia is quite a bit better. It makes me think that companies who's main area of expertise is designing and engineering top class speakers, might just have the upper-hand in headphone design/engineering also. I would love to own the Focal Utopia, but with prices between $2,500 to $4,000 U.S.D for it, I think i'll pass on it.
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2019
  6. Sanada
    So currently Hek SE will be better than HEK v2 right?
  7. Gibson59
    In a very general sense yes. I’d argue that most would consider the HEKse to best the HEKv2 in most areas. I’ve seen a few people around here stick with their HEKv2 and opted not to upgrade. Probably a combination of cost factor and of course sound preferences. I much prefer the HEKse, but the HEKv2 is no slouch and is still a wonderful headphone.
  8. Sp12er3
    Maybe @Currawong may need to update the tiles with their successors sometimes, (SE and Ether)...
    And of course, ADX5000 when~?
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  9. Currawong Contributor
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  10. datasyd
    If looks could kill? My Meze Empyrean headphones on a bottle of Crystal Head Vodka (1.75 Ltr). 1_DSF9079 2048W-2.png
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    Sweet pic, dude!
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  12. datasyd
    Thanks Pete. Light from above and below the headphones, shining through the vodka bottle and reflecting off the Meze made for something I thought, as a novice photographer, looked quite incredible.

    It honestly took a while to get that setup, plenty of time to enjoy some of the vodka :) I'm happy to post a couple more of my favourites in this series if there's any interest. I was very happy being able to create interesting and different looks that really capture the beauty of these incredible headphones. 2_DSF9016 2048W-2.png
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2019
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  13. datasyd
    Most of us see beauty walking past us every day, but few of us get to regularly hear beautiful audio, if ever.

    Meze Empyrean, as beautiful to your eyes as they sound to you within. Phototaken with my Fuji X-T2 & 56mm lens. 4_DSF9174S  IDX-2 W2048.png
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