The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
  1. wuwhere Contributor
    I’ve listened to an 009 at the last RMAF, IMO it’s much better than my 007, no brightness at all.
  2. Pokemonn
    of course brightness maybe depend on each persons ability and or prefernces and upstream gearS etc.
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  3. wuwhere Contributor
    I know - bright, dark, wide, narrow, fast, slow, prat - all relative and subjective. Except imbalance.
  4. pichu
    I want to get the STAX 353x amp. Can anyone point me to the equipment i will need to make it work in the USA. Ill need some type of transformer right?
  5. JimL11
    If you buy from a US dealer you don't need any step-up or step-down transformer. If you buy from European dealer you will need a step-up transformer, if you buy from a Japanese dealer you will need a step-down transformer. Unless you can open up the case and figure out how to reconfigure the transformer, which will involve some soldering, see posts 13573 and following above.
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  6. kevin gilmore
    100v Japanese models need a step down transformer. Some of these are buck boost 3 wire things that usually cause ground loops, the better ones are 4 wire.

    if its a 230v European model, it can always be rewired for 115v, as there are no cut wires.
  7. pichu
    That's what I thought. Any good recommendations for a step down transformer that would work?
  8. oktapod
    Hi everyone! I've got L700 with an 006T energiser. It works for me, truly great sound, but I've got the itch to see if I can improve on it significantly without spending the earth...

    I'd sourced a UK builder of KG designs with whom I had been discussing the possibility of a KGSSHV, KGST or (maybe) a KGSSHV Carbon to match with my L700s. I then lost my job, but now have a better job and am hoping to go back to him in the spring once I've replenished my savings etc.!

    As I can't easily hear any of these, my questions are really to try to get a better idea of what improvements each possible route might offer over 006T, and also to determine whether the L700 is going to be found wanting should I end up with (say) the Carbon. That's a fair bit more expensive, and makes me also wonder whether perhaps trading the L700 for 007s and getting the KGSSHV might be a better overall result than the L700 with Carbon.

    This would be easy if these things were possible to demo, but (in the UK anyway) there's a leap of faith required when it comes to Stax - I know I had no choice but to buy my (previous) 4040Sigs unheard, and then took the leap with the L700s. That all worked out great, but as the costs increase I start getting a bit uneasy about the risk of making a big mistake.

    Just to muddy the waters a tiny bit more, I'm not entirely ruling out the possibility of buying a set of 009s at some point in the future, and I'm not sure which of the amp options would therefore be the best choice to handle whatever I end up doing in terms of the earspeakers. Might be I stick with L700s, go 007s or 009s. Don't know.

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  9. wink
    You're definitely overthinking things.
    None of the options are less than great, it's just that some are greater than others...........:ksc75smile:
  10. weasel1979
    SR-007 with KGSSHV is audio heaven. i wholeheartedly recommend this combo!
  11. walakalulu
    Trilogy Audio also now do a Stax Energiser which you can add to your options.
  12. wuwhere Contributor
    I just bought a KGST to pair with an SR-007, sounds good to me. I may wind up with an SR-009 in the future but I'm not in a hurry. With a KGST, I'm done with wanting for a better e-amp. I briefly heard two BHSEs with my SR-007 before I bought a KGST, its better than a KGST. I also listened to an SR-009 on a BHSE, IMO its better than a SR-007. I never listened to a KGSSHV or Carbon. I was using a Stax SRM-717, its not a bad amp.
  13. joseph69
    I think this goes for most everyone, especially with wanting to hear the BHSE/Carbon/KGSShv/KGST due to them not being able to demo any of them unless you know someone with them or go to a meet. Even then, I feel you need to spend more time with each in your own system. I went through the same thing you're going through and did what I had to do by purchasing 3 out of the 4 amps mentioned above, and tried each (with different DACs as well) until I was where I wanted to be. It's pretty much the only choice you have when it comes to the KG amps. I went with the used market so I would save a bit and not lose so much when I sold to try the next.
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  14. bearwarrior
    I agree. It is a long journey. If anyone really loves this hobby, it should definitely worth the time and effort. If anyone really wants the end game, just go with the high-end component. It really is the cheapest way instead of buying and selling the upgrades in the progress. The used market is a way to go. It saves and has some good exotic stuff.
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  15. wuwhere Contributor
    Just order a KGSSHV Carbon, a KGSSHV Mini, a KGSSHV Cheap, and a KGST. Just keep the one that you like and return the rest. That's about $12.9K plus shipping. I'm not sure if Mjölnir-Audio will let you do that. :ksc75smile:

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