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The Stax SR-L500 and SR-L700 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by crazychile, Oct 27, 2015.
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  1. Yoram Diamand
  2. Yoram Diamand
    In a shop I listened to the Ananda with an expensive dac and amp, and the new 24/96 recording sounded very well, but Ella & Louis 24/96 was sharp and hurt my ears, there I thought was the Stax L700 more fun enjoying the music.
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  3. catscratch Contributor
    Rtings are not reliable in my experience. Their measurements are decent though sometimes at odds with what I hear, but their numeric scores and qualitative comments leave me wondering what planet they're from half the time.
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  4. Yoram Diamand
    The Schiit amp is great value, the iFi energiser is a lot of money but not a very good energiser. Why not compare the Schiit amp with a KGSSHV? I see the iFi very much alike the Woo Wee, which Woo says is not a very good energiser for great Stax sound. The Ananda is not the cheapest Hifiman but the SR-L300 is the cheapest Stax you can find. Why not compare the Stax with the 400i?
  5. Yoram Diamand
    " Not recommended for STAX SR-009S/009 & SR-007 MKII headphones. Please consider GES, WES or 3ES dedicated electrostatic amplifier for best results with these models".- Woo on Woo Wee. The SRD-7 costs 670$ plus shipping at Mjolnir Audio but its is the worst solution for the best sound.
  6. baseonmars
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  7. ahmedie
    oh they are on sale in japan website, actually they no longer sell l700 / l500 O.O omg i need to hear them haha !
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  8. catscratch Contributor
    Seems like a sensible upgrade. Bass and fit are both real issues. I'll definitely get a pair when they come stateside. Are there any differences in the drivers?
  9. ahmedie
    According to stax site, they do not mention anything about driver or sound upgrade etc. But for some reason I am sure they sound different...as 007 and 007mk2 sounds different.
  10. Sound Eq
    thats interesting, this will open up the chance to change cables as well, although i do not know if cables make a difference in stax sound
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  11. catscratch Contributor
    Changing fit will definitely change the sound. Electrostatics are highly fit dependent. If they design this one to have a better seal, the bass should improve.
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  12. Yoram Diamand
    I wonder can the aluminium yokes of the MK2 be used in the MK1 L700? After breaking plastic, I might upgrade???
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  13. padam
    Looking at pictures, it seems that even just the yoke itself could be changed fairly easily, but obtaining Stax service parts directly from the company is very difficult.
    Ideally, someone close to Stax could organise a group buy on that part, but why would they do that, it would decrease their Mk2 sales and they don't advise DIY modifications anyway.

    I think the complete Mk2 headband will be offered as a separate part later on after the stocks get filled up (the old version got removed from the site) so that could be used as an 'Mk1.5' upgrade (although it will be more costly, might as well buy an Mk2 instead)
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  14. Yoram Diamand
    Yoram: Hi I understood the Stax SR-L700 Mk 2 has aluminium yokes, can one use those aluminium yokes on the SR-L700 Mk 1 too? Same size? Kind regards Yoram

    Stax Japan: Hello Yoram. Sorry, the aluminum parts can’t be done. Yours truly, Douglas.
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