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  1. BudC
    Allow time for burn in and use Sony Hybrids not Complys. I did both and it made a world of difference. I love mine for what I paid for them.
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  2. slowpickr
    I'm enjoying JVC spiral dot tips with mine.
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  3. spurxiii
    Same here
  4. DynamikeB
    I confirm:  JVC spiral tips, medium, are awesome with these.  Wow!
    These are the first and only iem that reaches 100 hours of listening / burn in and they are my favorite and go to earphones all the time.  The sound is really awesome and right on for my taste.
  5. Tungd678
    Thanks everyone, I recieved JVC spiral tips yesterday and the sound is amazing now.
  6. anikalsi
    What do you guys think of the Spiral Dots vs Complys?
  7. Bayonetwork
    Anyone able to compare to the RHA MA750? Im itching to try something new but not sure what the Ostry might improve upon.
    I also own (and love) the DN-1k but find the lower bass too slow and disconnected from the soundstage with faster/complex music like metal. 
  8. anikalsi
    They're similar with the RHAs having a smaller soundstage, better bass texture and more metallic highs. Mids are also better with the Ostrys and they can keep up with fast paced music very well. From what I know about the DN-1k, bass quantity is a little lower with the Ostrys.
  9. Bayonetwork

    Thanks for the reply. How does the bass and treble extension of the Ostry compare to RHA? Your spot on with the metallic character to the RHA treble. In contrast, the DN-1k are lush but I feel neither one extends that well or has enough air and sparkle. But then again neither are sibilant so thats the tradeoff.  
    I feel one of the greatest strengths of the RHA is the mids, great thick presence with good separation. Do the Ostrys offer something comparable?
  10. anikalsi
    No problem. Hmm, bass extension is similar, and the Ostrys do go really deep with bass. I see. The Ostrys are fairly bright and have the sparkly treble which I think you are looking for! Really airy sound as well, with the tradeoff that it sounds a bit thin at times, but it's really worth is considering the presentation. I never feel like it's too lush and "mushy" so to speak.
    Hmm, really? I always felt like the RHAs were slightly V shaped with slightly recessed mids which weren't thin sounding, but not very thick sounding either. Well, the Ostrys can have a lush presentation but they usually don't sound too lush. The mids aren't recessed but can have a slightly thin feel, but I hardly really notice it since the sound it normally produces is quite full. Everything's very coherent :) I love my KC06As. They're my go to pair when I want something more fun than my ATH-IM03s!
  11. 1TrickPony
    anyone looking for a really good synergistic dap with the ostry should consider the iHifi 770 - expansive sound/imaging, more oomph with dynamics and pretty much more of what you love about its ss.
  12. dakanao
    This is a really good Jazz track that sounds awesome with the KC06a:

  13. KERBY
    what would classify into the girlfriend and wifey material though??
  14. Lagniprimatte
    Is anyone else's ear canal focken pussing and bleeding when using these fockers?
    It's been a battle with this ****. I don't understand at all what's going on... Could it be the focken chrome? The **** silicone?? FOCK dis ****. also are the JVCS that good?
    Another thing to mention... anyone else's metal wiring strainer mesh thing on the ear bud itself bend yet? Mine have, and it's like WTF fockers.
  15. Netforce
    Been using the kc06a and this is the first time I am hearing something like this sort happening. Perhaps your ear canals have possibly an infection and should maybe get that checked out.
    e. are you wearing them correctly? left side on the left over ear and vice versa?
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