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  1. dakanao
    The medium tips seem to add a little bit too much lower midrange, which makes them slightly artificial sounding.. Did you notice that as well?
  2. dakanao
    This song absolutely slaps on the regular tips

  3. eaglearrow
    Yes i did. But it sounds a bit open too i guess. :)
  4. KERBY
    hmm. i just got my babys back from warranty.
    doubting what tips to use with em. the red/filtered , soft or hard tips.
    maybe i should buy other tips than the stock ostrys
  5. NoPainNoGain
    I use stock tips with removed metallic filter. Thats like a eartip II medium size from stock complect, but looks much more coolest, than grey tips.
  6. mkvlln
    I ordered it at this price, but mp4nation contacted me telling me that they don't have it in stock anymore. So they've upgraded mine to KC06A. :p 
    Just received them and oh my, what an amazing earpiece!! [​IMG]
  7. JohnVoight
    Subbed :)
  8. rickdohc

    Yes, they are very good!
  9. dakanao
    Hi guys, is there any system equalizer program that I can download from the appstore on the ipad? An equalizer that works with safari and youtube and the regular music playlist, so an equalizer that eq's everything on the ipad.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated
  10. Zaluma
    I loved my KC06A but it has recently developed a channel imbalance in the right side. Anyone have ideas for solutions?
  11. jeffmd
    There are a few players that have a "better" integrated EQ, but unlike the apple EQ which can change all audio coming from the ipad, apps can only change the waveform they are playing back. So it is impossible to use a 3rd party eq with your fav player. Apple is still second rate when it comes to music playback because of this.
    Aside from carefully checking for debris with a pin, you probably blew out one of the drivers. You can always ship it back and see if ostry can offer a cheap repair solution.
  12. eaglearrow
    Also in addition to the above mentioned troubleshooting, if your DAp supports Audio Channel balancing, you might be able to fix it by skewing the dB towards the less audible earpiece.
  13. Zaluma
    thanks for your help guys. My dap (x3)does support channel balancing. However, changing it does nothing. So the driver must be blown? It still plays music but super quietly.
  14. eaglearrow
    YEp, that pretty much seems like it..
  15. dakanao
    My KC06a broke today, what would be a good upgrade to them in terms of clarity, more natural midrange and better instrument separation with no amp required? Around $100
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