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today i tried to replace my nichicon KZ 47uF power coupling capacitor mod with a combination out of Nichicon KZ 100uF + Vishay 1837MKP 100nF

the result is not clear yet i still have to burn it in, first it was kinda meh compared to my previous setup but after 1-2 hours it already got alot better

after around 4 hours i can say:
i think the vishay specially helps with HF noisefloor, HF generally (clearer highs)
also the larger Nichicon KZ cap seems to give better/deeper bass response (which i already noticed going from 10uF to 47uF)
also some transients/drops seem to got "smoother" (while still hitting hard)
but i will update my impressions the following days
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fellas, thoughts on sparkos ss3602s vs burson v5id?
the better comparison would be V6 Vivid/Classic vs SS3602

i think in your case the SS3602 definitely wins
Oct 9, 2023 at 1:45 PM Post #7,311 of 7,383 english is not so good....but i got the aiyima A07 and the BRZhifi XLR with the same chip TI3255...the opamp in the A07, its standard is the NE5532P i try the opa1656 and the hights and mid are verry good....but the bas not so good. also ive got the JRC 5532DD and that was a great sound...but in the BRZhifi not so good.
I'm thinking the aiyimaA07 is the better sounding amp as the BRZhifiamp....but there more opamps underway and also the aiyima A07 MAX.
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now i got the Aiyima A07 MAX this is the best amp i ever listening and not for small rooms' also for big rooms. And for AB amps accuphase or bryston this amp is the
king of all amps and is an bargain over all AB amps!!! and yes the 5532 from jrc (japan) is the best opamp you gan gett....
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Burson is releasing V7 Vivid Pro op amps

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It would be very nice if they also implemented them horizontally.
good point. for various applications, they're too tall. i'm hoping burson also ends up releasing a stubby version, v7i. like they did with v5 and v5i. or at least give us v6i :L3000:
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