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The Opamp thread

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  1. Mad Max
    I got the chip a few weeks ago, not yet tested.
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  2. LaughMoreDaily
    Has anyone made a top 10, 15, 20, etc. Opamp list yet?
  3. CoiL
    That could be made only in/with one certain gear as opamps act little differently in different implementations/PCB designs etc.
  4. Rroff
    Also depends what you use to rank the opamps - impressions by ear are always going to be subjective and the impression highly varied by the design they are used in as CoiL says. There have been various attempts to rank them by on paper parameters like voltage noise (such as https://www.cycfi.com/projects/six-pack/op-amp-shootout/ ), etc. but again that is going to depend a lot on application and doesn't necessarily translate into how subjectively people rate them for audio "appeal" sonically.

    Most of the attempts I've seen so far are quite out of date and missing many of the newer or more recently "discovered" as being usable for audio opamps.

    One of the problems is on paper and even measured performance in a given standard test scenario doesn't necessarily match upto to performance in a specific design or use case - similar problem with voltage regulators which in many cases actually are in a simplified manner similar to opamps (people have even misused the error amplifier in a voltage regulator as a crude audio amplifier) - you might find in a specific design despite one having better noise performance on paper in the datasheet in your actual use case another has better actual performance in the conditions specific to your application despite being worse in the datasheet, etc.
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2019
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  5. LaughMoreDaily
    I think you are thinking too much. I was just wondering what peoples favourites are. :wink:
  6. CoiL
    This is different question! :wink:

    My current favourites are OPA2228 and OPA1692.
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  7. Rroff
    Which is always going to depend on a degree of subjective and objective assessment factors.

    In no particular order - though the AD8066 tends to take top place for me the ones I use the most which would be favoured over others:


    I also use OPA2227, RC4580, NJM4556, LM4562 and LMH6643 quite a bit.
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  8. FireLion
    Just picked up 2 1692's with adapters already on. Gonna be interesting when popped into my new Chinese super amp.

    Anyone been able to get the new 1656?
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  9. FritzS
  10. Mad Max
    209 and 797 are very different beasts, though I have not yet tried 209 as a buffer.
    797 hasn't been all that great in my gear, it seems to not be a "blind-roll" friendly chip, so you'll be very dependent on luck for best results. Or become an engineer.
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  11. Baten

    I want to try the 1656 it looks insane on paper. Does it also need adapter like the 1692 as drop in replacement in the weiliang amp(that's your chinese amp right?)
    If so, what kind of adapter? :)

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  12. FireLion
    It look like it needs an adapter.. might be able to but I might hand it over to my amp making friend.
  13. Baten
    Let us know, I would love to put the new 1656 in a cheap amp lol
  14. FireLion
    My cheap amp has been smoking $400-500 amps with nicer opamps.

    US $18.24 8%OFF | Pure class A Audio Discrete Component Operational Amplifier HiFi AUDIENCE Preamplifier Op Amp Chip Upgrade ADC LRC DAC
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  15. Baten
    I think you linked an op-amp instead :wink: can you edit post?
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