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The Opamp thread

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  1. Mad Max
    I did like 1115 a bit better than 1028, so 1122 is even better?  Might as well order samples and see.  =P
    I find OPA602, 827, AD797, and 4627 all equally detailed, but 4627 brings on the details with a bit more clarity than the others.  Its treble clarity is also the best.  All four give my M-Stage deeper bass than stock which is a big help for Grados and K701.  They no longer leave out some of that really low frequency ambiance and effects in electronic music.
  2. ecohifi
    Mad Max,
    thats my opinion according to my ears and the circuit its in.  The LT1122 has good slew rate and is unity gain stable.  But if you have the ADA 4627-1 I dont think its worth trying, then again just do it out of curiousity!
  3. DefQon
    Anyone here has experience with the AD8599?
  4. Mad Max
    I haven't tinkered with 8599, but I have 8597, the single version, and it is a very good chip, but a little too forward in the bass.  I haven't tried it with bypass caps, which I need to.  ADI recommends 8597 and 4627 instead when you look at the AD797 page.
  5. ecohifi
    Hi guys,
    I stuffed up, I've given you guys some misleading info on my part and would like to apologised for it.
    On that LT list I quoted 1115, I haven't used the 1115 and shouldn't comment on it, it was on a to do list that I had mistaken for that was done!
    The list for the LTs that I have tried should be: 1028, 1122 and 1364.
    Please accept my apologies!!!!!
    I am thinking of trying an ADA 4989-2, if someone has had experience with this one I could used the feedback!!!
  6. Mad Max
    Do you mean ADA4898?  It is a favorite.  I forgot to connect the exposed pad underneath to pin 4 (or add a wire to connect the pad to ground somewhere), so I'll have to build another module, lol.  Fantastic midrange, but lacks the bass, treble, and soundstaging of 4627.
  7. ecohifi

    Yes the ADA 4898, there is a ADA4898-2,  Thanks for the feedback I give it a miss if thats the case

  8. Mad Max
    I think it is worth a try if you are bored, lol.
  9. ostewart
    i just got a AD823AN opamp, and im not as pleased as when i got my LME49720NA, but it has better bass than the LME, the soundstage and detail, and air, just isnt there like with the LME.
    Will give it some time, then see which i like better.
  10. Lavcat


    I used a standard BrownDog adapter and two Central Semiconductor 1N5314 CRD's to bias a pair of OPA627's into class A with good results.  There is space to mount the 1N5314 diodes between the DIP socket pins if you're careful.
  11. stupid11
    excuse me, can I have a recommendation on dual or 2Xsingle op amp with rounded bass warm mids and smooth treble as well as good treble extensions???
    i am currently using 12V Cmoy with OPA627AUX2 bias and LM6171 on ground. but still find problem with sibilance mids and bad treble smoothness and extension
    how about LM4562HA metal???
  12. civilaudio


    hi Spud,
    I saw you are using 2 resistors of 2.2k for each dual adapter  ... Is the value of resistors must be fixed to that value? What is the best value for this?
  13. SpudHarris Contributor
    Hmmmm. Well many will tell you that it should vary dependant on the opamp. I took this value because it is what was recommended by the opamp guru that is ''Hiflight''. I'm lead to believe that this is as close as you will get to a one size fits all.....
  14. civilaudio


    ahh.. thanks, I went to local shop and somehow bought the 2k resistors (instead of 2.2k) and tried to copied Topkit adapter... mine is kind of funny (i.e. no photo) as I choose to put the resistor outside of the adapter (so the pin of adapter can go deeper in the slot)...
    and as you said 2.2k is almost the best the 2k should not be that far...
  15. SpudHarris Contributor
    I've bought some smaller resistors since that allow the socket to go deeper. 2k should be fine, what opamp are you using it with?
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