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  1. hyogen
    a few more scenes
  2. rickyleelee

    Nice pics :)
  3. rickyleelee

    Hi there, see some images I took on my new tool with Nikon D600 + 50mm 1.4G lens. [​IMG]

    Will post more going forward....
  4. hyogen
    a few from my senior session yesterday...super late for senior photos I know--but she had pics taken by her sister with the family camera but her parents wanted some there were a little more professional :D
  5. rickyleelee
    Nice images :)
  6. Music Path
    Hey bro, nice desktop and pictures. :) I have some questions:
    Could you give me a notion on how the pairing idsd»itube»ican sounds? Does it improveme the sound of idsd? And is it worth the mercury cable as noise reduction?   Answer me on the idsd thread. 
    Btw is it a big diference between retro 50 and idsd micro :) ? just curious.
    hm22music [​IMG]
  7. Currawong Contributor
    Lately I've been trying to work with a Fujifilm X-T1 because it is lighter and smaller yet can take great low-light photos. However picking up my D750 feels like a huge relief. No screwing around to take a single photo, it just snaps off a bunch perfectly. Now if only Nikon would make an FX mirrorless camera, or even a great DX one.
  8. OddE
    -If you ever happen to find yourself near a Sony a7 of some sort, I'd suggest you take it for a spin - they are lovely, compact, full-frame mirrorless cameras and somebody must have made an adapter to fit F lenses by now (With or without AF and metering).
    With the a7S, you can take available-light action photos of bats in a coal mine! (Seriously - I've shot one at ISO25,600 with hardly any need to worry about noise - and with some careful noise reduction applied, it produces what IMHO would be publishable results up to at least ISO102,400.)
    I don't own one myself, but I am seriously considering obtaining one as an ersatz digital Leica - I have a couple of Summicrons which I use on a 1967 M4 and would love to be able to use such a compact camera with stellar performance with compact, ditto optics.
  9. bumblebeezack
    Hi everyone, I'm a Nikon user. Although I'm impartial to any camera I can work with comfortably. Just wanna share a photo taken with a Nikon:


    I have to say though that on holidays, I usually just use my Fuji X100T which is capable of photos like so:


    Just a disclaimer. I work as a photographer and here's some of my camera gear, taken with the LG G3:
  10. hyogen
    definitely planning on getting an A7s especially for video work.  Just waiting for prices to drop just a little bit since the A7S II is on the verge of being announced
    Loving my D750s a fair amount more than my previous D600s.  It's autofocus system doesn't WOW me like I thought it would, but the D600's AF system wasn't too shabby either.  
  11. hyogen
    full size here:
  12. hyogen
    Close to a 400 feet bridge.... 
  13. hyogen
    collectively over 6000 likes on this image in one day on fb/ most popular ever!  
  14. rickyleelee
    Hey. I only use the USB3.0 cable supplied. I tried some other big bucks USB cables and it was questionable if it was better than the USB3.0 cable.

    Retro is for those who want all in one at home. I suggest the Retro and be complete becuae it is such a good value for the coin product.

    But if you go portable then you can only go micro dsd.
  15. Currawong Contributor
    I had similar luck a few years ago when the flight path took a nice direction on a day with good weather here in Japan:
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