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The NEW JVC FX850..Woodie perfection?. (A review)

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  1. lee730
    The FX850 has replaceable cables so that is a huge plus. They look to be quite durable but I wouldn't want to test it either way. They should be put in their carrying case after use as they are lookers :).
  2. H20Fidelity Contributor

    Without drifting off topic to much this really depends on an items popularity.

    My theory in practice will only work with gear that holds resale value (or/and while an item is hot topic on head-fi)  Often if somethings enthusiastic ( like JVC FX850 right atm), people will be looking on the boards, if you've only tried them  which isn't for you dropping $20 will work as they're getting it cheaper than new in  "as new" condition. then you need to consider these people are often ready to ship in the USA  straight to you in 2-3 days. (No Tenso). if it's an absolute must you need total outlay back take it to eBay instead. 

    My theory will not work with something unpopular, it must be holding resale value or currently circulating  in the hype machine. 

    I'd like to think by trying gear you're gaining a certain level of experience along the way, the small loss is what you outlay to try the item.

     You cannot have your cake for free, Lee.

    Anyway, if anyone knows Lee and I our conversations could seriously drag out for a good few hours so I'll let you all get back to those JVC. [​IMG]
  3. lee730
    Well warranty support is another issue with selling used gear. Generally the items lose their warranty coverage when you sell and that is another thing to consider.

    True you have to try things out at a cost & you do gain experience by trying different tiers of gear. But if I could redo things again I'd have skipped the stuff I tried earlier and gone straight to the point which would have saved me some serious dough :p.
    H20Fidelity likes this.
  4. SyCo87

    Ok, good to hear. I suppose that would be another thing to think being that the DUNUs don't have detachable cable which could become an issue in the future.
  5. mochill
    Fx850 and on a different level the the dunu and also way better built and looks:sunglasses: ...they are totally worth it :heart_eyes:
  6. doctorjazz
    Read earlier some people had difficulties with the cables after removal, likely better to change them only if needed, if the included cables break.
  7. SyCo87
    Duly noted you two. I'm going to wait on the DUNU-3000s and see how those turn out before I make my decision.
  8. lee730
    I think the issue here is he used an aftermarket cable which failed and that is the reason why he had issues.
  9. Gorillaz
    so are these made in Japan? according to lee730 and I they are made in Japan because of the FX700 being made there, but can someone who actually owns them confirm where are they made please.
  10. ericp10
  11. Gorillaz
  12. ericp10
    You're welcome.
  13. Audiowood
    Was pulled here from some other thread...very interested in the wood iem. Any comparison with shure 846 or 1p2? Appreciate it.
  14. Wnuwk Siphon
    Very interested in how these lovely woodies would deal with nasty metal... Especially the guitars. I have complete faith that drums, bass and overall speed won't be a problem, but I find that the way IEMs (and headphones or even speakers for that matter) present referb and distortion varies wildly (as opposed to, say, classical nylon stringed guitars which seem to be much easier to render naturally) and since my listening diet consist mostly out of extreme metal this is a very important factor.
    I feel the 'pull of the woodie' and I'm this close to pulling the trigger, but if they can't present the metal guitar 'VOMP' with the impact it deserves, that would be a serious dealbreaker.
    So, does anyone have any experience with metal out of wood(ies) yet? Or would someone be willing to check the ultimate VOMP-test for me..? Any comment would be really helpful. Thank you.
    Also, has anyone tried them with the Sony NWZ-ZX1 yet?
  15. lee730
    Strings sound pretty damn natural to my ears.
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