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The New Grado White Headphone @TTVJAudio.com

  1. Todd Contributor
    Hi All,

    Grado Labs has just announced a new White headphone! Below from Grado Labs...

    We are taking pre-orders at TTVJAudio and including a FREE remastered version of the Beatles White album to go with these commemorative headphones for the first 5 people to order them from us!



    A Limited Edition Inspired by the impact music can have.

    Brooklyn, NY: Grado Labs is excited to introduce a new limited edition, The White Headphone. Inspired by one of our family’s favorite record albums. The White Headphone by Grado commemorates the power an album, or even just a single song, may have on a person’s life.

    This limited pair is the first Grado headphone to have an all white platter outer enclosure. The White Headphone features a more compact ventilation system, while increasing the mass on the face of the all maple enclosure. Powering the headphone is a transducer specifically configured for this new housing, all while keeping the Grado signature sound. Rounding out the design is a large black leather headband with white stitching, all packaged in our new box.

    "I'm thrilled to have been able to finally bring this headphone to reality. The inspiration goes back to my youth and my love of music, especially rock & roll in the 1960s” recalls John Grado.“Though 50 years have passed, it never gets old. I enjoyed it then and it has inspired me now."Music has been the reason for Grado Labs’ foundation in 1953, but has been a big part of our family for even longer.

    Throughout the years Grado has built headphones and phono cartridges to let others listen to music in the most transparent and communicative way, and once in awhile a specific experience with sound inspires us to create something special that represents that.

    Availability: The White Headphone will be available early July through the end of 2019.Retail Price: $795

    TTVJ Stay updated on TTVJ at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  2. caenlenfromOCN
    interesting. care to give us a sound signature review todd? Grado has always lacked bass, at extreme levels for me to ever be interested
  3. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    Are those the big ear pads that go around the ears? If so, I'd be interested in hearing these at some point.
  4. ESL-1
    G cushions and comfortable. There was one at CamJam 2019 NYC, a number of auditions, happy faces.
  5. audiophilefan
    I dubbed the SR80e "The Last Samurai". I dub thee "The White Death", like the legendary sniper. Can't wait for impressions/reviews. :)
    Sp12er3 likes this.
  6. alpha80
    Truly a beautiful set of cans. More manufacturers should offer white models.
  7. chimney189
    They are so attractive to me.

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