The Nameless Guide To PC Gaming Audio (with binaural headphone surround sound)

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by namelesspfg, Jan 28, 2012.
  1. BlueNinja0
    Yes but they could use Atmos at 16bit 48Khz and leave the 2.0 stuff alone at the Windows setting we've choose. It's annoying to have to go back and forth and change the setting.
  2. Clovis559
    I thought of that after I posted. I can see that as a huge annoyance. Prior to CU, on a receiver, you set it to 192, when it goes Atmos it does what you're saying, drops to 48, goes back to 192, etc. After CU, you set it for Atmos, and in the Advanced/Formats, it's not set to a bit/khz. It's just set to "Atmos for Home Theater". Still the same results, 192 is 192, atmos is 48.
    Speaker Config (Same thing):
    Why can't they do that for Headphones? (Or maybe they will, it's so early in it's development)
  3. bigbeard

    ​How are you getting a 7.1 option in sbx?
  4. Brushy
    Do people actually read the posts here or do they just pick out a part after skimming and then reply to that?

    It's amazing how someone turned my statements of Atmos Headphone having a broken or bad implementation in general into, I only think it's bad because it is in 16bit 48khz. And use that as an attempt at a personal attack. Take your contempt somewhere else buddy.... 

    But thank you for taking the time to follow your own advice and actually posting some feedback this time.

    I go to my speaker headphone configuration in the Sound Blaster app and set speakers to Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound while having SBX turned on.
  5. Brushy

    This is actually my line of thinking. It's still early and Microsoft just rushed it. These are my hopes anyways.
  6. Fegefeuer
    I've been searching around the net to find a way to force a game to 5.1/7.1
    Only thing I found that might be slightly helpful is the following fix for Witcher 3 which involves modifying Xaudio2:
    I don't know if it affects the whole speaker setting/reading and not only while in DDL. 
    Apparently this also fixes a few other games (for people that have this problem) and forcefully makes them output 5.1. I don't know the value for 7.1 though.
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  7. BlueNinja0
    Will only work with Xaudio games, but it's a good start! Nice find. Many games use Xaudio.
  8. fluidz
    A gif to demonstrate enabling "Spatial sound" switches default audio to 48Khz and does not revert the change once "Spatial sound" is turned off.
    When I mention "Mojo lights Orange" I'm speaking about my Chord Mojo Dac (external portable soundcard), which lights orange when playback is at 48Khz.
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  9. weap0nkil
    I am in need of your guys Headphone Expertise. I am a avid PC gamer, FPS shooters mainly. 
    Currently the Hardware I am using is this:
    ( This is My motherboard so you know what sounds drivers and etc)   
    (Microphone Headphone Amp)

    I have two questions with this setup, and equipment taking in the fact of playing FPS shooters.
    The first question is should I just use my sounds drivers, and nothing else as far as software for in game audio for a good soundstage. (headphone Virtualization, Razor gaming Software etc)?
    My second question is with the headphones that I have is there anyone better out there that would be a significant upgrade for audio quality and soundstage for what I do.
  10. rudyae86
    My first question is: Do you know what virtual surround sound or emulated surround sound is and how it works?
    My second question is: What is your budget for a headphone?
    My 3rd question is: Will you be playing competitively or do you want a more immersive sound?
    Regarding your second question, It's really hard to say that there is a 'better' headphone. I mean there is, but that is becoming more and more subjective. To me, the X1/X2 and K7XX are a better headphone compared to many. The HD598 however is a great headphone for FPS games and is in no way a slouch when it comes to that. HD598 may not be very immersive but the airy sound and directional cues that are delivered are satisfying for someone who plays competitively.
    The HD598 won't necessarily improve with more expensive hardware in terms of sound cards or DACs/AMPs but usually it may alter the sound. Same thing when using Virtual surround sound since there are different ones available right now.
    But as some advice I will give you, please go to MLE's thread Mad Lusty Envy's Headphone Gaming Guide
    read the first page and hopefully you can grasp the concept of virtual surround sound and will let you form your own opinion about wether virtual surround sound will help you in your FPS games or not.
    As for my opinion, it helps me slightly but more importantly it gives me a sense of immersion in games.
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  11. Clovis559
    Broad question. Everything @rudyae86 asked, and have you ever thought of speakers for gaming?  (or is that an option?)
  12. weap0nkil
    I prefer a headset for gaming.

    To answer the question from before on the headset. If I were to pick a new headset under like $800 what headset would you suggest that has the best soundstage for pc gaming?
  13. Malfunkt
    Sennheiser HD700, extremely comfortable, pretty easy to drive, excellent for FPS. It's open back, but that can be good especially if you get a mod-mic, as you'll hear your own voice when you speak (with closed headphones there is a tendency to shout when you can't hear your own voice).

    If you were spending a bit over $800 or scored a good used deal, HD800, but you may need a more dedicated amp. The HD700 is very very close to the HD800s soundstage.

    I play a fair bit of FPS games, CS:Go, Day of Infamy, BF1, will be getting Rising Storm 2 when it comes out. Another headphone that I really really like is the Sennheiser HD250. It has a signature that is almost like an HD650, but with a more precise high-end. As a closed headphone it really creates a realistic soundstage. Overall I feel the HD700 is a better choice for gaming though. It is vivid, and will give you the edge in FPS.
  14. pietcux
    I run a HD650 out of a Xonar Essence STX since 5 years for gaming. The big plus of the HD650 is their laid back signature. After hours of gunfire and explosions you still get no hearing fatigue. The HD700 and 800 pronounce the treble much more and I found that improper for gaming sound. On top of this the HD650 earpads and cable are cheap and easy to get globally. I run the STX in stereo mode right now, testing the Atmos functionality of W10. It sounds very good so far and the amp of the STX can properly drive even the HD800.
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  15. Malfunkt
    I really enjoyed the HD650 for gaming. Some people don't feel they have a wide enough soundstage, but I feel they created a very accurate portrayal. I have a set of HD250s which pretty much have a similar signature of the 650s.
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