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The Mi Headphones by Xiaomi (Lively Discussions starting Page 7)

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  1. fairx
    10 Feb is Tuesday, which usually the day Xiaomi would do weekly flash sale at 12 pm sharp. Well at least that's what happened here in my country.

    If it were indeed intended to be on flash sale I should prepare to grab one, just for the sake of testing out.
  2. r0msk1
    From the Philippines?
  3. BigGearHunter
    Yesterday was the day when they were supposed to be released, any news?
  4. r0msk1
    sorry to disappoint you BGH, but yesterday seems so quiet.

    I've been searching news but no, I haven't found any.

    Besides, Feb. 10 is just a rumored date, not an official one.

    Once I've found any, I'll update the thread.
  5. BigGearHunter

    Hey, that's fair enough. You seem as keen on these as I am, so I appreciate you keeping tabs on things for us :)
  6. r0msk1
    No problem amigo.
    It's just that:
    1. Though I do only have the Pistons, I am a Xiaomi fan, being convinced by quality, high quality low-cost products.

    2. I am a decent forum member, of some beloved forums, that really manages threads started by me. I do even participate and updates threads that I love even it is not mine.

    3. I am a new Head-Fier and a newly audiophile-bug-bitten person. I learned many things for the short duration that I've been present here, and I think it's the least I can do in return to Head-Fi.

    I'm glad and also appreciate your appreciation to my efforts. Thanks!
  7. wega03
    I hope they come out soon, I luv buy the silver ones
  8. r0msk1
    I love the silver one too... Well, I'm a gold hater. XD
  9. earfonia
    Came across this early review:
  10. r0msk1

    nice find earfonia. I will link it to the first page. with credits of course. Thanks!
  11. BigGearHunter
    Man, Xiaomi taking so long is getting on my nerves.
  12. r0msk1
    I can feel you bro..
  13. boober
    I received a message from ibuygou.com that they will have them on stock 28th Feb. Just ordered. I will keep you all guys updated. 
  14. r0msk1
    We will wait for you guys, cls and boober for your thorough review! We will greatly appreciate it.
  15. cub3y
    It can't be long now, ibuygou put high res photos of new stock that just arrived.

    I actually can't wait to try these!
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