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The Mi Headphones by Xiaomi (Lively Discussions starting Page 7)

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  1. cls
    i took liberty of and place a preorder on ibuygo 2015-01-2915_13_14-BesttigungIhrerZahlungan-startkapitalgooglemail.com-Gmail.png
    131,24 USD 
    i hope it is worth it
  2. r0msk1

    I got a word from a reliable source that this special edition of Mi Headphones is not yet publicly available and they doesn't know of any rumored dates for release.

    well bro, I'll leave the technical aspects to you. I'll up my hands for that.

    well, me too.

    again, I don't know what you're talking about. haha. sorry. if just anyone could explain few details for me. :3

    Good luck bro. I'll be the first one to wait for your review.

    We will link it here, in the future.
  3. earfonia
    Looking forward to your review!
  4. JTLovesMusic
    Any idea when they will be released???
  5. r0msk1
    sorry, but we can't provide a definite answer for that, JTlovesmusic
  6. JTLovesMusic
    Ok i'll wait for more info regarding the headphones.Do you have any links about the headphones on chinese forums(i can read chinese). [​IMG]
  7. encoreAC
    I wouldn't buy these tbh, first reviews seem rather negative.
  8. r0msk1

    We got one on the first page, second post.

    Well, for me, since I'm rather hesitant to spend my money than to be thrifty, I will wait for more credible reviews from other reviewers than those of personal opinions. Those who got headphones for now are those so-called VIPs, whom I assume don't have enough audio-background to start with.
  9. BigGearHunter

    That's pretty much what I think as well. Since I was a fan of the Pistons, I'm thinking I'll like these as well. Still, the fact remains that we have yet to see some credible reviews.
  10. r0msk1
    Glad I got somebody who agrees with me.

    I am a fanboy of pistons. I got one now, and even planned to buy one for my nephew -- when stock is back online. I think I will like the HPhones too, but better wait for reviews -- credible one.

    And so far, we got co-HeadFier CLS who preordered one. He might provide us one credible review then.
  11. cls
    i most certainly will do so :) 
    whoever I have ZERO eta from ibuygo i will ask 
  12. loog5566
    this a real xiaomi mi headphones pic .. https://plus.google.com/112248219538016823747/posts/JG87se2hVp4
  13. ctbear
    According to the link from the product page, these should be available on Feb 10.
  14. earfonia
    Nice! Thanks for the info!
  15. r0msk1
    thanks for the post!
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