The final question to e3c vs e6i poll
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Please post and place poll in which one you would take if they cost the same price. (although shure e3c is approx 20 dollars more, shures e3cs sometimes have good deals and 20 dollars is pretty negligeable since i have $140 to use and i would like the better phone no matter the price).

Please don't poll simply because u have either ety or shure and u think its better without ever hearing the other earphone. Please only answer this poll if you have both headphones or experienced both.

The reason for this thread is because after reading everything there is on e6i (not much, since e6i vs ex71 isn't really a good comparison) and e3c (mainly compared to er4) i can't figure out which one is better.

Seems like people are sick of the question popping up all the time so i want to end it all with a poll... which ever wins i'll buy. There is just too much contradictions with the e3c and e6i seems to be mainly hype.

Some say e3c is very good (almost as good as e5c), others totally disagree and say its the worst phones. e6i doesn't have many haters, but mostly those who say its not fun and no bass. So yes i've read all those posts and i still can't decide because e3c is either love or hate and e6i is considered not fun. I can't decide because i dont know what to trust. So here goes the poll!!!!

My stats

Using ihp-120
using abover 192 mp3, some ogg at 256 (newer cds), and mostly mp3s at 256bit (about 75% of my music)
types of music in order of preference: Rock including half live (U2, coldplay, radiohead, pink floyd), Gorillaz, Classicals, linkin park & rap, some simple band of guitar, electric, drum, bass, piano (would like good soundstage as if i'm there listening)

I look for realism... reproduction like in a live concert. makes live rock music make me feel as if i'm there. not interested in overemphasized bass so dont suggest e2cs and i already have ex71s... i want good reproduction of bass but enough so i know its there (dont want it non existent and bland)

i have ex71s and medium tip fits me well and no fatigue. i'm sure either canalphone will be comfortable
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"tickle" bass? Does that mean it's not enough for you or too strong?

Well, I will tell you that neither the e3 or the er6i, or any canalphone for that matter, is right for you. It sounds like from your post that what you really want are headphones with good soundstage, and no canalphone that I know of will provide this. The soundstage on canalphones is simply too small to give you the feeling that you're at a concert...well, unless you're the performer.

As for bass, again, that depends on what you mean by "tickle" bass. If that means that the bass is too strong, then either the e3 or the er6i should suffice. However, if "tickle" bass means that the bass on the e2 is too weak, then neither the e3 or the er6i will provide you with the bass you're looking for. In that case, you'd have to step up all the way to the e5 or the um2 for strong bass.
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That's weird. Not all of my post appeared.

Anyway, if you decide to get the e3 or the er6i anyway, it will depend on what kind of sound you prefer. If you prefer a fuller and more pleasant sound, go with the e3. If you want something that is a bit more energetic, brighter, and has a bit more impact, go with the er6i. If I were you though, I'd spend that money on a decent pair of full size headphones like the HD555 or the A500 since you have some portable headphones anyway.
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Heh. If you think the E2 has "tickle bass" then both the E3c and the ER6i won't even have a tickle. Maybe a drop or two.
That being said, I think the E6i is technically the superior phone compared to the E3c IMO, but as with other Etys I've heard its bass is quite lean. I doubt it's the sound you're looking for, but then again I doubt the E3c will satisfy you either. You don't really get good bass until you go up to the E5.
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huh? i guess i wasn't clear... i meant that i didn't want tickle bass... which is another way of saying.. overly exaggerated bass. I just wanted well reproduced bass that wasn't so much about pounding air into my ear "tickle feeling", but rather give me every beat as it is meant to be heard

yes i understand soundstage is better on open fullsized headphones.. but i dont want something bulky to carry around. As you can see i'm using ihp120 with these. But i just want the one that is closer

i've never really heard very good speakers before so i dont really understand the true difference between bright, energetic vs fuller sound. I just want more realism. My hd280 pro and ksc35 spoiled me so anything under that has been pretty crappy to my ears. Sold the hd280 cuz i dont listen to it anymore at home. I dont have money for e5c cuz my video card isn't functioning very well and i need a new one. So all i have is around 140 dollars. And i need something portable since i dont really use headphones at home. Maybe my ear is weird but ex71 is good for a lot of people, but i dont like it.

maybe i should jsut buy the ksc35s again (it got trashed cuz it broke one side had no sound). or the ksc75 since it was a bit uncomfortable.
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Now that I understand what you mean by "tickle" bass, I think it's a non factor. You won't get the impact that the e2 provides so don't worry about that.

Yet I still think you're going to be disappointed with whichever earphone you choose because neither of them will provide you with the spacious sound you're looking for. Just make sure to buy from a vendor who will let you return the canalphones. I think the only way to decide if either the e3 or the er6i is right for you is to audition them.
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For those that think the er6-i's are bass-less, you should probably try a good portable amp.
I'm telling you, the difference is huge.

Sure they can be pleasent enough ampless, but if you need that extra omph, with an amp, they really deliver the goods.

The Shure E3's sound unnatural, and were headache-inducing. It's just no contest between these two.

My memory is getting fuzzier by the day as for the Shure E3's exact sound, but I had plenty to say at the time, so maybe do a search if you want to know more. I just know that they were fatiguing and not the safest things to put in your ears.
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Originally Posted by lee0539
Please don't poll simply because u have either ety or shure and u think its better without ever hearing the other earphone. Please only answer this poll if you have both headphones or experienced both.

So far we have 15 votes.

That many people have tried both?
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Originally Posted by CamelBackCinema
Please keep in mind that the theory of statistics, most of these answers will be biased towards whatever the voter likes more, owns, does not own, and other things.

That being said, there seems to be a definite opinion on which is better.

No... that was my point. The poster clearly stated that he doesn't want people who haven't specifically had extensive experience with both to vote.

I can just see people voting for the sake of voting.

It is irresponsible to cast a vote without knowing for a fact which is a better choice when the poster has clearly stated that he/she will purchase whichever comes out with the most votes. Disliking one product does not give you basis for selecting another just because you assume the other "must be better".
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now my head is really spinning.

vote says e6i yet blueonion who had experience with both say e3c. i mean the easy solution would be to get one and then return and try the other... but seriously that's like waste of money on shipping. And i dont have 300 dollars to get both and return the one i dont like

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