The Dark Knight or Iron Man? Cast Your Vote
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Night Surfer

Mar 17, 2007
I saw both movies last week.

I voted for Iron Man by a hair. Maggie's Rachel in Batman was just awful as opposed to Gwyneth's charming Pepper.
Heath's Joker is all they say and more (wow).

What say you?
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Dark Knight just dragged on the second or third hour. I liked the first hour of , but after that it just dragged. Heath Ledger did a great job, but the Joker character was annoying and disgusting with all of the mouth noises. They also tried to do too much with multiple villains like they did in Spiderman 3.

I thought Ironman was great. Although maybe not as original, I preferred it to Dark Knight.
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I agree that at points DK did feel a bit long, and I also did not really like this rendition of the Rachel character, but overall I still think DK was better than IM.

-As for the spiderman series..oh man..saw the 1st thought..ok.. saw the 2nd, wondered why people still liked it. Saw the hype come out for the 3rd, didn't go to the movies to see it. And still glad I didn't. Same with Oceans 13.
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I really enjoyed both a lot. Best mainstream movies I've seen in a theatre in a long time - but I enjoyed Ironman a bit more than The Dark Knight. I don't think this is necessarily because I think that Ironman was "better", I just think I like the Ironman character better than Batman - his personality just resonates more with me.

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Too many damned car chases in DK, what's up with that?
During the second part of the movie, I felt like it was largely Batman drives somewhere -> beats up nameless baddies who have no chance of beating him thus lacking any excitement -> repeat for an hour with story bits thrown in along the way.

Is it just me, or is the "car chase" phenomena just not interesting or exciting at all?
The parts I enjoyed more were mostly the Joker interacting with other people.
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Heath Ledger owned that movie. Christian Bale was okay, but Batman's character is largely one-dimensional compared to The Joker - especially with Heath Ledger's portrayal.
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Iron Man by a long shot. IM gave you the Marvel comic book experience. You could follow it and had a sense of the characters portrayed. They each had a distinct configuration of strengths. Through them the viewer could experience moments of suspense, hope, and triumph.

I found the entire TDK movie to be brutal, almost sadistic. I am not just referring to the Joker. I never identified with the characters. They simply functioned to carry out the moves in the plot, like chess pieces, with the exception of the sociopathic Joker who had some substance, albeit a pretty bizarre "victim." The last 2/3's of TDK had way too many disorienting scenes, sonar vision, chases, fights with odd editing and impossibly loud punches, etc. I was relieved when it finally ended. IMO TDK is waaaay over hyped.
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Dark Knight was good but long. Iron wins for me; I laughed a lot more during it.
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I liked Iron Man a lot more..
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DK for sure. I have to agree that it was bit long.

I still liked Wall-e more than those two though
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I voted Iron Man.
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dark knight it is... by a good portion too.

iron man was a great movie... but the dark knight just wickedly awesome! it may have been a bit dragged out for some people, but i thought it was OK

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