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The AK320 thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by fumoffuxx, Nov 20, 2015.
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  1. joshuachew
    Hi guys!!
  2. Sound Eq
    please tell how u find it, and how it compares to other daps
  3. joshuachew
    This happened today... :p
    ended up with....

    I have not slept in a day... I will be back with answers tomorrow morning. If anyone has questions, I'll try to compile them and answer them at one shot. Thanks guys, and sorry, i cant get back to you now. Jet lag is too real. 
    Traveller likes this.
  4. M-13
    Mojo vs 320? [​IMG]
  5. muinia
    @joshuachew, just curious, what considerations swayed you to get the Onkyo DAP as well?
  6. spitfire777
    Has anyone tried the QP1R with the AK320.  I sold my AK240SS and have the QP1R and am blown away with its sq.
  7. joshuachew
    hahahha. Mojo is a standalone component dude. The Mojo to me sounds better than nay other player out there right now currently. 
    Well, the X1 sounds very very good. Thats reason no 1.
    also, battery life, the price, and its thin enough to fit in my jeans pocket.
  8. joshuachew
    The AK320 sounds very very close to the AK380. It to me sounds better than the AK240 Gold that I have just recently sold off.
    The AK380 has better resolution (very close to the 380, which has amazing resolution and detail retreival, coupled with very good resolution; stunning), more tonal density than the Ak240 as well, and does not suffer from the somewhat aenemic bass of the AK240. 
    When compared to the ZX2, the 320 is more clarity as the ZX2 tends to sound abit more 'smoky'. bass on the ZX2 is tighter while the bass on the 320 is abit rounder and fuller. 
  9. spitfire777
    Thanks for that
  10. Sound Eq
    so if it were for u to choose between the ak320 or onkyo which would u choose based on sound quality - without taking price in consideration
  11. Sound Eq
    i know this might be a strange question, does the eq work if you connect the ak320 to the mojo optically
    i know that its cheaper to get a phone and connect to the mojo, but i am very interested to know about the above question
  12. JACONE

    I'm definitely curios as well!
    I have AK 120+Mojo+sysconcept and wondering how the 320 stacks up! No pun intended! :)
  13. joshuachew
    Mojo sounds better than any other player out there at the present moment. So if you'd stack that with anything it'll sound better than any DAP that is currently out there.
  14. JACONE

    Thanks much for response!
    If Chord was able to incorporate DAP functionality into the Mojo then it would be game over I'm afraid.
    The Mojo sounds darn impressive!
  15. joshuachew
    Chord DAP.... Game over fo sureeeeeee
    Rob Watts, if you're reading this.... I have Faith in you.
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