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  1. Pudu
    I have never tried them - don't know much about them. Are they taboo worthy - are they like the Starbucks of tea?

    Yixing is having its bath. And in the interim ...

  2. smitty1110
    Well, Starbucks did buy them out a while back...

    On some of the tea community sites they're hated because they were known for a long time to treat employees poorly, low wages, long hours, overpriced, etc. That being said, haven't heard much since the acquisition by Starbucks.
  3. Pudu
    Those seem like good reasons to tabooify.
  4. Silent One
    Yes, somewhere in 2010. Had a satisfying experience. [​IMG] 
    Wasn't aware of the society investment side of things though. [​IMG]
  5. lilfatty
    I don't think they're overpriced for those who are patient... Once a month (usually first week or last) RMN (retailmenot) has a whooping 45% off X amount (varies from $60 to 150). I've gotten a complete cast iron tea set for ~$35 after some thrifty shopping lol. Top it off with the fact that you can actually use your starbucks giftcards here (which you can get about 15-18% off quite often on giftcard sites), and and often very buggy teavana site (good and bad thing).
    Just last month I had a $64 order (after the 45% off), the site was SO screwed up that it showed my order as $24 after tax. Needless to say I quickly ordered it. And, to make things even better, I was only charged $20.22 haha. You also get free shipping for anything over $50, there's a coupon that allows free shipping for orders under 50 though, I don't know what it is.
    As for treating their employees poorly, I suppose that happens everywhere... One of my good friends managed the one here locally. He'd price match everything from the site for me (which was better than his manager discount sadly).
    Final note is that, don't be discouraged if you had to wait a while for 45% off... More often are 33% and 40% off discounts.
  6. Pudu
    Anyone have a good recommendation for matcha sifting?

    I have my bowl of matcha almost everyday, and the only part that leaves me wanting is the sifting. I have a little tin can sifter with a plastic paddle ...


    But I wouldn't mind a solution that offers a bit more style/class/je ne sais quoi and a little less plastic-scratching-on-screenyness. Anyone have a nicer method they can recommend?
  7. daigo
    That's probably the best way, or look at sifters used for cooking or for science (super expensive).  
  8. Olympus Mons
    I've always greatly preferred tea to coffee and just bought one of these: 41h3r6V-iQL.jpg
    Hoping for the best.
  9. Destroysall Contributor
    I use the same infuser. Works like a charm. Isn't as good a as my Kyusu, but it's still really cool.
  10. daigo
    I use the Adagio Teas version of the same design as that Teavana one that drains from the bottom for the past 5 years.  The plastic is well stained from all the tea brewing but still works great.  
    bleach it, then soak it in hot baking soda water. It'll look and function like new (I have one as well)
  12. Redcarmoose
    Friends flew in from China and brought me a gift.


    I used to meet lots of sea dykes in Huntington Beach California, now I have Sea Dyke Tea! Lol
    I have talked to several homosexual people that said they don't see the point in pride parades.
  14. Redcarmoose

    Well, I kinda think it is a reaction to all the stigma attached to it all the years. In Germany in the 20s it was against the law. Also in America many felt they needed to keep their sexual orientation to themselves if it was different.

    Kind of a coming out parade, that adds to a form of mental well being. Unless a wild group of Church folks are there holding picket signs. Lol

    I was thinking about why there are not any heterosexual events, then I had the epifany, that all parades ARE heterosexual.
  15. David
    All that is good about tea..............https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eELH0ivexKA
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