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  1. Redcarmoose

    Tea and chocolate.
  2. Redcarmoose
  4. AKGman
    I like drinking Earl Grey and (Masala) Chai tea (with milk, and both sweetened with sugar or artificial sweetener).
    The brands I prefer are Twinings (for Earl Grey and Masala Chai) and Wagh Bakri (for Masala Chai).
    Green tea doesn't have that much caffeine anyway, so it's probably not worth bothering with the decaf version.
    I don't usually bother to make a cup of tea from leaf tea. Doesn't seem to be worth the extra effort. Might be a different story for Masala Chai, where you can use leaf tea, and add your own spices.
  5. Pudu

    I hope this thread isn't wilting. :frowning2:
  6. Silent One
    With autumn here hopefully this thread gets rejuvenated.
  7. GrindingThud
    Im sure it will. Almost time to put in my order at teatrader...
    Been drinking a lot more tea lately, seems to mix really well with cannabis
  9. smitty1110
    I'm switching over from green teas to Shu Puerh, Wu Yi Shan wulongs, and black teas. I've also stocked up on Genmaicha, another good fall/winter tea.
  10. JK1
    While I do drink some tea in the morning for the caffeine, throughout the day I drink chamomile, peppermint, hibiscus, and several Yogi and Celestial Seasoning infusions. I guess infusions is the proper word for those, and not teas.
  11. Silent One
    I need to restock my organic Rooibos (red bush) from the African Red Tea Co.
  12. mutabor
    North Indian tea Meri Chai ( presumably of Assam area)
    I prefer to buy black teas from supermarkets. This pack of 250 g. ( 8.8 oz) costs 2 or 3 dollars. I tried to buy much more expensive black teas from specialized tea and coffee shops but I didn't find them really better. Though green teas are another story.
    I noticed that Northern Indian black teas are more light in color after brewing. For example, the same amount of Ceylon black tea or classical black Lipton tea gives me much darker color. This Assamese tea is a bit fruity in taste. 
  13. Pudu

    I drink green tea pretty much exclusively. I tried to like Puerh, I really did.

    I get my Genmaicha from Den's. Being newly arrived (again) to the N. VA area, are there any local green tea sources I ought to know about?

  14. smitty1110

    I recall that the Japanese Embassy website had a Japanese tea place, but I never followed up on it. I order from Den's, Mellow Monk, or Hibiki-an, though the last one is by far the most expensive.
  15. Pudu
    I've done an order from Hibiki-an, and yes, very dear. I also patronize Thés du Japon now and then, but I've never yet tried Mellow Monk. I'll have to look into the Japanese Embassy thing - that sounds intriguing.

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