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Tanchjim Oxygen Impressions Thread

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  1. toranku
    Graphs after 8-9k lose their reliability. While the EX1K does have a treble spike in the upper treble, the extension is lacking when put in practice.
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  2. guicnovaes
    Are you going to post a complete review of the Oxygen?
  3. HiFlight
    The O2 is the first IEM that I have owned that doesn't sound like an IEM, rather a very expansive full-sized headphone. They present a very BIG sound.
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  4. demo-to
    I have the black and I really like it. I wished more body to voices like with my T2.
    A mix of the O2 and T2 sound would be a dream. The fantastic controlled bass and airy presentation and the good stage of the O2 and the natural full bodied mids and sparkling highs of the T2.
    Could someone please...
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  5. Nabillion_786
    Btw have you tried the kanas pro? Mine is coming very shortly and according to some Ali express stores they prefer the vocals of kanas pro over the O2. However I am slightly shocked that you find the t2's more full bodied as that iem was the most thinnest I have ever listened to. I would even say that my t4 mids could be more fuller then them but then again you have a much better source then me so your t2's probably sound a lot different.

    Also if you don't mind could you please tell me more about the male vocals and soundstage of O2? I don't like iems that are thin or warm to the extent of sounding lazy, slow or boring. Just like a naturally rich sound that has good vocal body but is not recessed and has big soundstage as possible. Basically tfz secret garden with more forward vocals or t4's with more vocal body in a perfect world.
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  6. guicnovaes
    A little strange to me too. For me, the T2 has thin mids and overall signature. If you found the Oxygen a thin the vocals, I imagine it with a ghost-like sound.
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  7. 1clearhead
    The discription you're looking for sounds exactly like the DT6. :wink:
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  8. demo-to
    I own the latest version of the T2. I think the perception of the mids with the T2 depends strongly on the coverage of the nozzle vents. I have good warmed up and lush mids by an above neutral level of bass quantity. Also my M0 with slightly over 0 Ohms holds its share on this effect I think.
    Yes, I had the KPE but exchanged it quickly with the O2 due to the better bass quality and less sub bass quantity of the O2.
    I feel like especially the Male vocals are often a bit behind in the mix. They are back or present enough if I turn louder but than the rest, e.g. the bass is too forward for my taste.
    The O2 does something special with the stage feeling. It's not totally magic but I think it's sort of special. I like.
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  9. Nabillion_786
    Thanks alot! I appreciate your reply as always and maybe you could try tweaking around with the o2's vents aswell. Also I have just seen your list of iems and it is quite amazing that you have tried pretty much all the main talked about chifi iems out there. For male vocals and soundstage what is your recommendation? I heard good things about the tsmr 3 pro aswell. I am also still keeping my eyes out on the oxygens too but just need a few more reviews.
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  10. guicnovaes
    "Tanchjim Oxygen

    Now that one is interesting to compare with the KPE. Some said it’s better, and I found it more balanced, but there is some clarity and life in the KPE that I found missing in the Oxygen. I think it’s the KPE’s midrange that is so clear and transparent yet lively and not thin that stands out. Both are good, I feel the Oxygen could be a more versatile choice, but the KPE shines more with music that matches it character."
    Posted by @surfgeorge in the Moondrop's impressions thread.
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  11. cn11
    It's crazy how differently a phone can sound between two listeners... because I hear the KPE / O2 exactly the opposite of how surfgeorge compares their midranges. To me the O2 has the markedly more clear and detailed midrange over the KPE. I'm quite certain I've found pretty ideal tip choices for both, so fit is not an issue... and the sound to my ears just seems noticeably more open, spacious, and resolving throughout the range on the O2. When I go back to the KPE, it's like someone has thrown a blanket over the sound.
  12. guicnovaes
    In terms of Fatigue-free, warm and naturality of the sound, dou you think that the Oxygen is better than the KPE?
  13. guicnovaes
    "I bought FA7 but I disliked it except for fitting that is perfect. The sound is dry, without punch and sparkle. I'm just selling FA7 on ebay as my initial idea was to use it as everyday portable monitor. Now i'm using another earphone same price, but really impressive and good sounding, an ideal everyday portable monitor the Tanchjin Oxygen. It's a single DD driver beatiful and really surprising for the perfect fitting and the rich, round and smiley sound."

    "Well I own Andromeda and i had for one month Vega. Compared to Anromeda Oxygen has more bass, well controlled but more round and deep. Mid are similar open and perfect. Mid-high and high are better on Andromeda, open and crispy. As consequence, Oxygen has a more intimate sound stage that is ample and airy with Andromeda. Vega was quite disappointing for me. I expected a bass oriented IEM and to increase bass I changed the cable with a pure copper plus sound. Nevertheless, the bass was not so deep and present as in Oxygen and the sound was not enjoyable as with Oxygen. So Oxygen costs 300 USD and is inferior to Andromeda but for now is my everyday portable IEM (only old 64 audio U8 can compete with the bass of oxygen, but this is another story)."

    "Really Oxygen is not a dark IEM. It has beatiful well controlled bass, but also delicious mid and gentle high. A very pleasant signature. Vocal are good, better female than masculine. Soundstage is sufficient with good distinction of each instrument. For sure is not comparable to Andromeda, but I like intimate IEM as my preferred music is non-orchestral jazz, electronic and alternative pop or rock."

    @Rocfort about the Oxygen. https://www.head-fi.org/threads/crinacles-iem-ranking-list.857498/page-112
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  14. bahamot
    One thing for sure, the oxygen is really sensitive to the eartip changes. Much more compare to ibasso IT01/IT04.

    I'm still waiting my balanced 4.4mm cable so that I can compare it to my balance IT04.
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2019
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  15. Rocfort
    I agree. I tried several eartips but the best i found was the original one.
    In addition, I used also several cable. Balanced and 3,5 single end, silver or copper, and i connect my oxygen with Mojo + my Note 9, or with AK Kann balanced or with my loved Massdrop Liquid Carbon X + SDAC DAC/Amp balanced (tanks to Massdrop 4-pin XLR to 2,5mm TRRS adaptor). The main character of oxygen is that it sounds perfect always with few differences linked to cable or DAP. For me this is very good but I know other will have a different opinion.
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