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Tanchjim Oxygen Impressions Thread

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  1. augustr
    Had an opportunity to test a few other IEM's on a meeting witth a few {new} friends the other day, was very happy to stack up the Oxy to other IEMs, like the iSine10s and the more popular Kanas Pro. Funny how both of them seem to be way bigger in pictures than they actually are in person, specially the KP. Wish i had more time with the iSine, as impratical as it is (being an openback IEM, kinda defeats the purpose a bit for me, even though i can think of uses I'd have for them). The Oxygen being the darker of the bunch, but also having the biggest base emphasis and punch. Got me to know other things, and like mine even more as well, great experience :)
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  2. Lidson Mendes Br
    I saw some comments about the release of Oxygen MK2, I wanted to pull the trigger on Oxygen. Now I was in doubt between waiting and buying Oxygen now.
    The same thing happened with Moondrop and I chose to buy Kxxs, I thought the changes in the sound were not for the best.
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  3. hsnabn
    I'm in the same boat myself. What I am most concerned about is if pricing is going to be similar. Hopefully the limited edition's longer nozzle will be incorporated as well in Mk2. As for sound, I'm hoping it will build on Oxygen's strengths (as it has received plenty praise). I think I'm going to be making a decision when the Mk2 is released, myself.

    By the way, a Mk2 has been concretely confirmed, has it?
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2019
  4. expatriot
    Most of the reviews I've read on the kxxs say it's sound is a improvement of the Kanas Pro.
  5. Ahmad313
    Moondrop is about to release a new KXXS , it is not a upgrade or MK ll just a KXXS with blue colour and different tuning ,
  6. expatriot
    Thanks for the info. I hope it has a lip on it and the tuning isn't too far off from the original KXXS.
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