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Tanchjim Oxygen Impressions Thread

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  1. kingdixon

    Thats the original tanchjim oxygen, it just takes 2 oxygen atoms to form an oxygen molecule, so O2 is just a formula or other way of saying oxygen.
  2. darmanastartes
    Pretty sure that's just the normal Oxygen packaging.
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  3. augustr
    So, got my pair 2 weeks ago, as a gift for myself.
    Having the Tin T3 and KZ ZS10, both are good for their prices, but I really wanted an upgrade for my daily commute. When these shown up on a local forum, I debated myself a lot... but got them nonetheless.

    And I must say, boy, how amazing these little guys sound! I really like the Harman Target FR, and these guys follow it pretty closely. T3's highs would get piercing with ease sometimes, so a few songs wre kinda hard to listen to, even on lower volumes (I never listen to music too loud, but they can get sibilant with a few cymbals or guitars with steel strings.
    Not these! The highs are there, a little rolled off, but deliciously done, never fatiguing. Base is super controled for a IEM with that amout of impact. Both of my older IEM's have more base volume, but none of them come close to that control in the lower frequencies.

    Solid, solid option. Using the T3 foams on it, while i was never a fan of foams on the T3, they compliment the Oxygen nicely, adding a little sparkle where it's really welcome.
    Sometimes, these make me rethink my open back cans, for how good and detailed they sound. Of couse, my full size headphones do a lot these can't do, but the sheer praticality of IEM's is also hard to beat.

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  4. kova4a
    Btw, it's the 4th anniversary of Tachnjim today and apparently they will be releasing a limited anniversary edition oxygen with their mascot Asano Tanch on the faceplates, updated drivers and exchangeable tuning nozzles. There will be only 500 units, so I guess it will be quite impossible to get one outside China, but maybe they will also release an updated standard version shortly after
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2019
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  5. Animagus
  6. kova4a
    Nice one. Btw, just saw crinacle's tentative review title and ranking and I'll just say that the ranking is high, pretty high in comparison to most of the things in this price range
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  7. Animagus
    Thanks! I think it is excellent too!
  8. DynamicEars
    where and what tier did he put?
  9. ivannnn
    A- ... It's on his patreon.
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  10. Misson07
    Seem like they making custom now.

    Edit- nvm, someone already posted about it.

    Last edited: Aug 19, 2019
  11. warriorpoet
    Seriously, I can't wait for this. The fit and cable were the only things that kept me from fully enjoying this incredible IEM. That I still have mine despite those issues and against other, pricier IEMs is a testament to how right Tanchjim got the sound.
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  12. Misson07
    I absolutely agree. I heard them the first time at my local shop when they were pretty much unknown at the time and I still like it so much that I have to buy it.
  13. TonySunshine
    I wonder what the thing at the bottom of the faceplate is. Possibly a controlled vent like the 64 audio apex? Or just an assembly screw?


  14. warriorpoet
    The O2s are vented. I imagine it's a vent :)
  15. jhog
    I’m getting more and more tempted by these. Sound appears to be just what I’m looking for. Just trying to work out how problematic fit is. I’m offloading some CA Lyras because I found them a little uncomfortable and constantly had to readjust them to maintain a good seal on the go, how annoying is the fit with the Oxygens, or is it just a case of tip-rolling till tu find something that works?

    Thanks in advance
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