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Takstar HF 580 Planar Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by heavyharmonies, Apr 12, 2019.
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  1. volly
  2. volly
    Anyone down-under grabbing these yet? The price is very enticing for our Aussie dollar and with free shipping too! Very tempting but I already have the H1's and Edition X's, I'm not sure where I could slot these in to my daily rotation other than for...SCIENCE?!

  3. Joong
    Hi Volly,

    What is your impression of H1 with respect to your planars, and especially bass performance?
  4. volly
    I'll respond over at the AR-H1's thread as I don't want to derail this one but to be quick - I like it better than the Edition X on most occasions!
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  5. Kammerat Rebekka
    I just bought a Sundara..and a 660, Q701, D7200, PRO 580i as well as the Nighthawk thinking ‘better cool it with all the headphone shopping unless you prepare to grow an extra noggin’..which I did, of course! Which is why I placed an order on this planar badboy.

    Some minor concerns:
    Please don’t show up on my doorstep with 3 metres worth of heavy vacuumchord attached to your behind!
    Why do you weigh 550g honey?

    Some hopes:
    The oval shape of the cups and pads will help comfort tremendously.
    It sounds like a tweeked LCD 2.
    It smells like freshly ground coffeebeans.
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  6. Joong
    Because of seemingly its sharing the same driver, it will be helpful to this thread watching guys to decide to buy HF 580.
    The primary sound source should be related to the driver.
    If H1 is good, then we can infer the quality of Hf 580 by it.
  7. volly
    All legit requests...hahaha!
    I cannot read the Chinese on the website but I wonder what the cups are made of? I wonder is it all metal construction or will it be something akin the Hifiman plastic realm?! The AR-H1's are mostly metal construction, I may have to buy one just to see....oh gawwwddddd....why!!!
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  8. volly
    Yes, this is true, as I believe AR (Vox International) sorted most, if not all their parts from China! If these sound similar to the Sendy's/H1's with similar drivers etc, then...yeah...add to cart! :D

    I dare say this, but if these come in and are legit, then other companies are going to be put on notice! Planar tech has gained in popularity to a point where, we're seeing a lot of players entering on to the field. Competition is good!

    I've always admired the Pro82's for what they are worth, Takstar seemingly provided a very decent headphone for it's entry price!
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  9. Kammerat Rebekka
    It’s an interesting little detective novel buying headphones off of Alislibresse. Who made what and how’s it implemented?
    And why does the ‘original’ cost so much?
    -seems to be recurring themes in this neighbourhood of can-land.

    To me it looks like the old Hifiman design teaming up with Takstar/ISK/etc’s now classic HI 2050.

    Edith: Yeah sure why not order one? At this price it was literally impossible for me to hold back. My biggest gripe with all of this though is that I most definitely do not need another pair of headphones but more importantly: I have to wait a month for this baby to arrive! Arrgggh!!
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2019
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  10. Bern2
    That's where I fall...don't really need another headphone. Have the Aeolus coming soon. I'm trying not to collect and just concentrate on a few good ones.
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  11. heavyharmonies
    I think most of us here have more headphones than we actually need.:beyersmile:

    Still, it's fun exploring new and different cans and/or searching for that ultimate "bang for the buck" set of headphones. The $75-300 range has WAY more excellent headphones than even just 5 years ago. While those with fat wallets will still spend $$$$ in search of the perfect sound/fit/experience, the everyman can now get 80-90% of the way there without breaking the bank.

    I've got the Audeze Mobius planar headphones and while I love the clarity, they really are uncomfortable AF. I still have a love affair with the fit and comfort of the Takstar Pro 82, enough that I have 4 sets (home, office, car, backup). Haven't had any problems with any of them.

    My hope is that the HF 580 will meld aspects of both... and if not, very little downside risk for US$160.
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  12. Kammerat Rebekka
    I am the same way every other month - my mo seems to change with the wind.
    “I have way too many headphones...better just focus on a couple of really fine ones”
    “There’s no perfect headphone, why not have 8 instead of using the same amount of dough on two?”
    ..and so it goes.
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  13. volly
    Too right! Love this hobby though, sharing the experience makes it worth the while too!

    I'll have the lowest expectation out of the new headphone from Takstar but with the introduction of countless audio equipment being produced and pumped out of China, sure there are duds but the region is experience something of a Renascence in audio as I believe, and what comes from this, is that more and more people are entering this hobby and having a really great experience without having to take out a mortgage!

    I actually do have a place for these Takstar's but it may mean I might have to move some other headphones from my collection! If these can be linear and fun sounding then I would want to hook these up with my CD player setup and/or vinyl player! Once reserve for my HD600/650's! I find re-gifting my most valuable headphones to family members is such a nicer way as these luxuries down my way are harder to find!

    I have a feeling, just a hunch, that these could be similar sounding to the Sundara's, if it is close or on par then Takstar could be on a new budget planar winner here!

    I had a look at what Monoprice (US) have been doing but I'm not keen on the Q/C and overall look of the their headphones, plus, very expensive to buy/deliver to Australia. Actually, we get goods cheaper from regions closer to AU.

    God help us! :grinning:

    P.s Will be looking to grab one very soon! Perhaps next week! (But my finance officer is going to divorce me!)
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  14. Joong
    God will help you more than financial and acoustical blessing on Easter.
    His idea will lead us into unthinkable world where every headphone tells you songs of heaven and new hope.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2019
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  15. Kammerat Rebekka
    All this talk of god and Easter makes me want to dine on chocolate bunnies and coloured eggs...and so it should. Jesus was crucified after all.

    I’m so glad these holidays make sense.
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