Symphonium Audio – The Official Thread
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Jan 10, 2024
Hey Everyone!

This is the official brand thread for Symphonium. We intend for it to be a hub of sorts, where you’d be able to easily access individual product threads as well as discuss about our products, brand, future plans and connect with fellow fans. You’ll be able to follow our journey and access any relevant threads from one place!

You may have heard of our brand through our products such as the Symphonium Helios, Triton, Meteor and Crimson, featuring technologies such as FLAT™, PHAT™ and TrueX™ Crossovers.

We are a proudly homegrown Singaporean company that designs and manufactures In-Ear-Monitors from the ground up in Singapore. Things have changed quite a bit since we’ve started in a humble underground basement in 2016 to releasing our first two IEMs in 2018, to moving into an industrial complex for full-time manufacturing.

Our team consists of audio engineers and highly skilled technicians/artists! Our unique skillsets and capabilities allow us to be the proud manufacturers of products like Subtonic STORM and Nightjar Singularity.

There's been a lot going on behind the scenes in the past few months and we’ve got a bunch of exciting launches planned in the near future, so keep this thread bookmarked!

Looking forward to interacting with all of you!


Product Thread Links:
Crimson Impressions
Titan Impressions
Helios Impressions

Head-Fi Head Gear Links:
Symphonium Crimson
Symphonium Helios
Symphonium Triton
Symphonium Meteor

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Helios OG remains a marvel of engineering!
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