Sub ~$300AUD DAP FiiO X3/ iBassoDX50/ iPod Classic?
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Oct 25, 2012
Looking for a new DAP!
I currently have a 4th gen iPod Nano with 8gb of storage but it's just not enough anymore and hasn't been for a long time. 
I'm looking to get something that either has a good amount of storage, which all of these players do (in the case of the Dx50 and X3, I'd plan on buying a 64gb MircoSd card)
I've been tossing up between the DX50, X3 and iPod Classic and I'd prefer that I don't spend over $300AUD
My portable setup is currently running with Shure SE215s and the iPod Nano 4th gen 8Gb if that has any impact.
Is there a clear winner here or should I be taking other things into consideration?
If someone could help me out and offer some advice that would be great.
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I voted for the DX50. There have been problems with it since its launch, and most of these have been rectified with firmware releases since then. It sounds fantastic, looks good and just does what I need it to do. USB OTG is useful for expanding the capacity, and swappable  batteries means you can carry a spare around if you find yourself running out of power away from a charger.
However, the Fiio X3 also has great reviews, and it is cheaper than the DX50. It can also function as a USB DAC, something that the DX50 cannot do (currently, since iBasso are looking into the possibility of adding the feature). I'm probably missing information on the X3, so I will leave someone more familiar with it to fill you in, but I think you would be happy with either choice. Fiio also has more resellers/distributors around the globe than iBasso does, so you have greater choice in where you buy it from.
I have only used a 5th Generation iPod Classic, so can't really comment on the newer generation, but people seem to love the UI. If you don't want to be locked into using iTunes (I don't know if the newer generations can be manually 'controlled' by the user, but if you can, this point is moot), then the other two are great options. 
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I voted DX50. I had both the DX50 and X3 at the same time.  I returned the X3 as it was too dark with my Westone 4R's.  The DX50 had better instrument separation and a wider soundstage than what the X3 had.  DX50 also seemed to have better synergy with the 4R's. As the poster above noted, iBasso has been good about firmware updates fixing issues that the Dx50 has had.  
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I would definitely go for the DX50. I think it is quite a bit better than the X3.
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Thanks for all of the feedback and shortly after writing up this thread I ended up going with the DX50.
I got this deal from MP4Nation, and now we play the waiting game for it to ship!
I'm excited to hear it and also to get my full music collection onto one device!

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