Stop using DHL, ibasso!

Discussion in 'iBasso Audio Premier Sponsor Forum' started by k_19, Apr 2, 2009.
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  1. Sproles
    I ordered my new T3 on Sunday and got notice this morning that they shipped via UPS. The number they gave me was too short for a regular UPS tracking number, but I am hopeful to see it sometime this week.

    I'll keep you posted...
  2. Sproles
    Got another email from them this morning as I asked about the their UPS number. They apparently use a REFERENCE number instead of a tracking number. The ref number put it to arrive at my house today. Ordered Sunday, shipped Tuesday, arrive on Thursday. Doesn't get much quicker than that! Quicker than most of my inter-US orders.
  3. cravenz
    I got my D10 in about 3 working days I believe =P
  4. scottyeatcereal
    Hi guys, I'm new to head-fi here, but I wanted to drop by and share my little ibasso story.

    I purchased the D10 online Sunday night, I received my UPS reference (not tracking) number on tuesday night, and I received the item on Thursday afternoon. All in all about a 3-day turn-around from China to New York. Nice work ibasso!

    I'm burning in the D10 at the moment, but I will say that I was quite blown away by its tiny size. Amazing technology.
  5. Wingsabr
    I ordered on Thursday (Friday afternoon in China) and received at 10am Tuesday. Not bad coming all the way from China, heck I have shipments in the USA that can't get here that fast.
  6. obentou
    Hope UPS won't be charging major customs fees once my D4 gets here to Canada...
  7. Smirk
    Sending via DHL internationally is on overkill. I can agree it being a good choice for US and CA but for example to former USSR it'll just double the product price due to customs taxes of DHL which are MAD and I mean MAAAAD. Hopefully USPS is available as an option.
  8. Wingsabr
    They shipped via UPS when I got mine and I didn't have to pay any customs fees, but I heard our northern neighbors get bent over for customs no matter who the shipper is.
  9. obentou
    I didn't get hit by customs for DHL, I'm just wondering if UPS will be the same now.
  10. Aslan123
    No fees here when I ordered a D10 from iBasso awhile back. I think it was DHL, but memory is a bit fuzzy.

    Also, brokerage fees mainly apply when shipping from the USA to Canada, otherwise I've never been hit with any, even when receiving a Yamamoto HA-02 from Japan via Fedex. I don't think UPS will charge you anything, as they usually cover anything that isn't Ground.
  11. obentou
    UPS charged me this time around for the D4... $2.74 CAD
  12. rayguy
    Sorry to hear about the fees.

    Did the government bail out UPS? Only kiddin.

    UPS shipped my D10 to Connecticut in November without fees.

  13. immtbiker Moderator
    They bailed out Amtrak, so if DHL uses cargo space on the backs of trains, it indirectly bailed them out.
    DHL combined with Airborne Express, became an independently owned franchise, with owners/operators, and that's when they dropped 2 notched in quality. Typical 2000's American story.
    Look how Quaker Oats ruined Snapple! [​IMG]
  14. andreiru
    Yep. That's how these suckers operate. DHL's actually one of the better services out there.. based on my own experience.. And they're apparently not even legally binded to deliver by any time, whatsoever... as their TOS says in there somewhere that they only AIM to deliver by a certain time... but may well, in fact, deliver ANY time they see fit... so long as they deliver, they're not breaching any conditions of their contract. Very convenient 4 them.

    My own experience says that there's a problem of some sort out there with every other deliver I get (that, inevitably, causes a delay). E.g. the last package I got from an international delivery courier service (UK, won't name which service it was) was delayed from a scheduled "Friday"-due delivery to Wednesday, because of things like them leaving the package out of the delivery track by mistake, running late on their scheduled deliveries (they only deliver from hour to our, i.e. as soon as it hits 6pm, they're off back to their hub), "no one was home" issues (BS in many cases)... Stuff like that... So much for paying the extra $$ for their promised 'fast' worldwide service.. And, in my view, their quality of service only seems to get worse with time.
  15. marckuypers
    When I order something and they ship using DHL I almost never have to pay customs in The Netherlands. When they use UPS I always have to pay customs. Therefore I only choose DHL whenever possible
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