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Steven Wilson — The Raven That Refused To Sing (and Other Stories)

Discussion in 'Music' started by ipodpj, Jan 15, 2013.
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  1. YtseJamer
    The new 5.1 benchmark : http://www.soundandvisionmag.com/blog/2013/02/25/steven-wilson-s-raven-new-51-benchmark
  2. IPodPJ
    Just do what I did.  Download the 24/96 FLACs from Burning Shed for $10.  It sucks that it doesn't come free with the set, as it most certainly should and has always been a complaint of mine when paying $90-$100 for a "deluxe edition".  In fact I've complained to Burning Shed numerous times about this.  They don't really care.
    My box set is at the post office and I should be receiving it tomorrow.  I can't enjoy the 5.1 anyway, so I might just sell it.
    I'm not going to spend the money on a Blu-Ray drive for my computer and spend the time to manually extract the files and separate them at the waveform level.  My time is more valuable than that.  And the fact that the download was available on the evening of the 22nd, before the actual release date of the 25th is the real punch in the face.
  3. Olias of Sunhillow
    I downloaded the 24/96 FLAC version of Raven from Burning Shed on Sunday and have been listening to it constantly. I've been a SW fan since Signify came out, but I can safely say this is my favorite project he's been involved with. The diversity and range of the album is stunning -- there's new and old sounds, quiet and loud passages, etc. The Blu-ray is waiting for me at home as we speak...
  4. Skylab Contributor
    I've listened to it now twice.  I need several more I think.  Certainly I already think its impressive, musically and sonically.  The music is interesting, sometimes beautiful and sometimes chaotic/challenging.  There is no doubt that SW has been "reinfluenced" by the work he's been doing remastering classic 60's/70's Prog.  There are strong ties to early 70's era Crimson here, more than even before in his music.
    What I'm not sure yet is whether there are any SONGS on "Raven" that are as strong as several were on Grace for Drowning.  I want more plays, but so far I think "Raven" is more a captivating music piece than it is memorable songs.
  5. YtseJamer
    Just got my blu-ray, the 5.1 mix is out of this world !
  6. IPodPJ
    I guess they mailed it to my house.  I got it last night.  I must say, this is the nicest box set he has made.  The way the illustrations, stories and lyrics are presented are quite nice.  It's the same size as the Grace For Drowning set I believe.  But personally I was sick of Lasse Hoile art ages ago so Hajo is a welcome change.  And this was made in Germany this time so it's no doubt the printing quality is top notch.  The best printing presses (Heidelberg, Manrollen, etc.) are German, and while most high quality printing companies in the U.S. have the same presses some of the finest work comes out of Germany.
    I already heard the music several months ago, and still think it's a solid album.  The production and dynamics are superb, likely the best recording he has ever done.  Interestingly, it was recorded in September, 2012 in Los Angeles and co-engineered by Alan Parsons but the final overdubs were done by SW in London in October 2012.  That's mentioned on the back page of the book.
    I wish I had a 5.1 system to have a listen to the surround mix, but the 2-channel is superb.
  7. IPodPJ
    Signify was also my introduction to SW/PT.  It still remains one of my favorite albums of all time and one of the best he has ever done.  Listen to it from start to finish; really listen... it's a masterpiece.
  8. daigo
    I've only listened through it a couple of times as well, but I do think it's been a challenging album for me to 'get' with only a few listens.  The mood and themes of some of the songs seem to change continuously that I had to check I was still on the same track on a couple of occasions.  Have to agree with everyone else though, that the album sounds very impressive.  Look forward to playing through it again tonight.  
  9. Skylab Contributor
    I'm a huge fan of "challenging" music, and musically I find that aspect of "Raven" great. I also love well recorded music, and again, "Raven" is awesome.  But what has made a lot of SW's music special, in the same way that something like Yes's Close To The Edge, is that there is great songcraft woven into the chaos.  That's also important for me. I hope that with repeated listens this will reveal itself in "Raven". 
  10. Bleeding Spark
    "Raven" could be my favorite Steven Wilson project to date. A flawless masterpiece from start to finish. 
  11. YtseJamer
  12. mongol
    Just giving my second listen now.  In a word - excellent.
  13. Skylab Contributor
    As I expected, the more I listen to it, the more I like it. And I thought it was very good from listen one!
  14. Eee Pee
    I got the 180 gram double record Friday.  Nearly a perfect pressing being almost perfectly flat and centered.  Very close to perfect.  It's quiet, too.  A good thing because it wasn't exactly cheap, and in this modern day of increased record production there's some real turds in my stack of new records.
    I've been listening to the early release a lot and it does get better with more listens.  A wonderful album.  It'd be on right now if I wasn't addicted to the new Local Natives album, Hummingbird.
    Last song gets its own side too which I appreciate because it gets away from the inner groove distortion you sometimes get.  It ends about 2/3rds the way through the side.
    Good stuff.  
  15. feverfive
    Damn..I'm seriously addicted to this album.  I bought the 24/96 FLAC from Burning Shed over the weekend, and now I can't stop listening to it
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