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Steven Wilson — The Raven That Refused To Sing (and Other Stories)

Discussion in 'Music' started by ipodpj, Jan 15, 2013.
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  1. IPodPJ
    This thread is devoted to the forthcoming album by Steven Wilson on February 25th.

    On Facebook SW posted that the album is strictly audiophile quality as it contains no limiting or dynamic compression.

    I ordered the deluxe set which was a costly $92 including shipping and am anxiously awaiting it. However I can confirm that the audio quality and album content are superb (perhaps the best audio quality he's had to date) as I've already heard it. Alan Parsons did a fantastic job engineering it.

    If you haven't yet heard it (I'm not sure how it leaked so early and don't advocate listening to leaks unless you've already paid for the album) you will truly enjoy it. It's a technical and sonic masterpiece from SW and his band. I'm looking forward to receiving my deluxe set in 40 days from now.
  2. agentgreen
    Just pre-ordered the vinyl. I haven't heard a bad word about this album yet.
  3. YtseJamer
    The album is AMAZING !!!!!!!
    It's already my album of the year and probably the best album that I have heard since In Absentia.
  4. YtseJamer
  5. IPodPJ
    Yeah, it is definitely up there and the SQ is the best to date, even at 320kbps.
  6. YtseJamer
    Yes I agree, Steven Wilson is a genius.
    I have pre-ordered the blu-ray version from Burning Shed.
  7. IPodPJ
    He's a music genius, yes.  But he's also a dick in person.
  8. nelamvr6
    I'd have to say that this goes against everything I've ever heard or read about SW.  I have a friend who has met him several times and SW has always been gracious and taken time to chat and sign autographs.
    Maybe he was just a dick to you because you happened to meet him on a bad day.
  9. IPodPJ

    It's a long story but you'll just have to take my word on this, or don't.

    And another thing.... Do you know why Chris Maitland was kicked out of the band? He slammed SW against a wall, perhaps because SW is just a dick.

    I could probably dig up the emails (stored on an old hard drive) that I exchanged with SW eleven years ago before In Absentia was released, but it would be pointless. Perhaps he's grown up and isn't a dick anymore, but if you heard the story I have a feeling you or anyone else would agree.

    But I made this thread to discuss the album which is superb, not to discuss his mental state. It's quite refreshing to hear some new prog rock that isn't dynamically compressed in any way. The 320kbps version sounds better than any 24/48 or 24/96 lossless version of any of his previous material which is really saying something.

    Alan Parsons worked with the Beatles and Pink Floyd. Now he's working with SW and the results are nothing short of genius.
  10. nelamvr6
    If that story about Chris Maitland is true, we should be grateful that SW is a dick!
    Chris was awesome, but Gavin Harrison is THE MAN!!!  Perhaps the best drummer in the history of humanity.  (Just my opinion of course.)
    My intention was not to call your honesty into question, just to say that I've never heard any similar stories from any other sources.
    If SW is in fact a dick, I can live with that, I still consider him a Genius with a capital G!
  11. IPodPJ
    Chris Maitland fit in better with the original PT sound and is still an excellent drummer. Gavin is much more technically capable of course but sometimes I miss the style of Chris.

    It makes no difference now, since he's now using an entirely different drummer who's damn good, too.
  12. YtseJamer
  13. IPodPJ
    Yeah, I know, and he also played on the Blackfield album (quite surprisingly), as well as with Kino, and Guilt Machine with Arjen Anthony Lucassen.
    I don't really care much for Nosound though, nor Pineapple Thief (also conveniently with the same initials as Porcupine Tree).  They sound like low-grade PT wannabes (imo).
    BTW:  I'm also going to switch to the Raven album cover art for the time being, since I haven't changed my avatar in ages.
  14. Achmedisdead
  15. IPodPJ
    Riverside is a great band though.
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