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  1. Jimster480
    Make sure that the sample rate inside of the audio control panel hasn't been set to something that the DAC cannot understand.
  2. gvl2016
    I had a similar issue on Windows with only one particular laptop but a powered hub helped. Maybe try a different USB port. Double check if somehow the DAC is being sent a format it cannot support, i.e. more than 96kHz/16 bit.
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  3. Textfeud
    No issue until the update. Powered hub doesn’t help. When I have the DAC selected at sound preference the OS won’t even plag Youtube vids. It just stays at the zero second mark. Same with the Apple Music. When I switch to computerspeaker no issue...
  4. gvl2016
    Does the sampling frequency indicator light up on the DAC? I was thinking may be somehow new OS is sending a signal not compatible with the DAC. Is there a way to check in settings? I'm not familiar with Macs.
  5. Textfeud
    I think so yes. It's on USB and everything is recognized on the Mac. Just when I press play nothing happens with every platform. So weird. Hopefully somebody else has a Mac too and can test it for me.
  6. kvik
  7. Textfeud
    No it’s just with the DAC not when playing directly through the Macbook speakers. No issues in audio/midi, everything set fins. DAC recognized. I don’t understand.
  8. Textfeud
    Tried it on another Mac with High Sierra and the exact same problem occurs. The DAC is being recognized, but no matter what platform I use (iTunes, Youtube) when I have the DAC chosen it won't even play. So for instance on Youtube the video won't play. On iTunes the music won't play. I'm lost :frowning2:
  9. kvik
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  10. leggoslave
    I'm on High Sierra and can confirm this. DAC recognised but only computer noise is heard through USB.

    I have long ago eschewed direct USB playback anyway and have been using DDCs for a few years now. Currently using a SINGxer F-1 via S/PDIF into the DAC3. There are cheaper alternatives like the Audio Breeze U8 which work just as well.

    If you want to stay with direct USB I guess Christophe has to perhaps write a new driver for High Sierra. Apple's less likely to do anything about it IMO.
  11. gvl2016
    Likely not a driver but a firmware update for his apparently not fully UAC1 compliant USB audio interface implementation. However it's unclear if the DACs firmware is field upgradeable.
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  12. GearMe
    Same issues with coax. Also, it might be placebo, but I swear it sounds better than USB. :L3000:
  13. gvl2016
    I heard back from Christophe regarding Android support. According to him a f/w update that is intended to address Linux issues is in the works, he hopes this update will help with Android as well. I would think it could help with the issues on High Sierra too. The DAC is in fact field-upgradeable which is good news but requires Windows for that. Let's hope he has enough cycles to get it done.
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