South East Michigan meet?
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Nov 2, 2018 at 2:30 PM Post #167 of 179
So there’s 16 people that have signed up on the Google doc. Down to the last minutes.... I was hoping to get at least 20 in attendance! If you haven’t signed up, please do so even if you just bring yourself. If you have new people to introvert to this crazy hobby of ours, bring em along.

Thanks guys, see you all tomorrow.

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I just spoke to Dan Paulson from Paulson's AV and their store internet and network is completely down and may be 48+ hours before they are back online. This said internet access is likely not going to be available tomorrow in the store. @JEspina456 can you contact him, he was trying to figure out what to do given most? people stream music.
Nov 2, 2018 at 7:58 PM Post #174 of 179
Hey guys, I just spoke with Dan Paulson and he informed me of their cyber attack that currently has their internet down. We decided to still go with the meet. They are setting up tables and chairs and will still be providing food. I, like many of us, have music on my laptop. We can still setup up our gear and make the best of what we have! If it gets awkward we can always cut it a little short. :)

It would be too difficult to reschedule at this time. Next Saturday, I am out of town and Dan is not working that day. After that, we are getting too close to the shopping season and the guys at Paulson Audio & Video will be busy getting ready for Christmas.

So we'll see you guys in the morning!

John :beyersmile:
Nov 2, 2018 at 11:18 PM Post #176 of 179
I’m bringing my A&K se100 which has a 2v output. About 130 gig of music on it. It can be used as source and dac to an amp. Pretty wide selection of music. Can move it to different amps.
Nov 3, 2018 at 7:08 PM Post #178 of 179
I want to thank Dan Paulson for hosting the meet with refreshments, pizza, tables, space, etc. What a wonderful Audio/Video store they have! Had a great time! There were a lot of firsts for me: 1) First time ever to a headphone meet 2) Never heard planer headphones before. 3) Never heard such incredible (and expensive) equipment! 4) Never won audio equipment before (Audioquest Dragonfly Red). 5) Never could have imagined such gracious and generous head-fi-ers. 5) Never knew the headquarters was in Livonia??? Can't wait till the Sping 2019 event. (Did you get that people?)
Check your PMs. You were asking about a certain pair of cans that were for sale but they weren't mine...they were JEspina456. Sorry for the confusion. It was nice meeting you today...all of you, in fact. Thanks for letting me demo the gear.
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