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South East Michigan meet?

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  1. canthearyou
    Are we gonna have any more meets? We used to have a spring and fall meet. We haven't had one in a year.
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  2. givemetacos
    I believe John (@JEspina456) is the main person that organizes the meets. I spoke to him in the Fall and someone else took on organizing duties but that fell through. Last I heard from John he was shooting to get a meet together this spring.
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  3. JEspina456
    Hey guys....we will have a meet this fall, I promise. We were having the spring and fall meets, but then attendance was slowly declining. Someone mentioned to me that they were too frequent and close together. Then there were other logistical problems with organizing another one.

    So, plan on a fall meet and then back to regular intervals!

    Thanks for your interest and support!!

    In the meantime, I may check out Axpona in Chicago in April. The Head-fi.org guys in Chicago usually get together too, plus the show itself looks great. I've never been, but the amount of toys to check out there is unbelievable.

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  4. canthearyou
    Please let me know if you need any assistance when it comes time to plan event. I'll do my best to give a hand if needed.
  5. givemetacos
    Is the interest level really that low? I was able to organize a mini-meet at my apartment a few months ago with 4 of us that I found through the headphones subreddit. I have no idea what the logistics are involved with securing space, but I imagine I can find a half dozen or so people alone that would be interested if we had a spring (or even summer?) meet. I will most likely be moving out of the Midwest during the end of summer so selfishly I'm hoping we can get something together before then.

    As incentive, I've got lots of goodies to share including some newer released stuff like ZMF Auteur, ZMF Atticus, LCD2C, along with some interesting stuff like a couple of Stax setups. I also have some more popular headphones like HD800, HD6XX, Elear, and TH-X00. For source gear I have some cheaper stuff that I think many people are curious about like Mimby, R2R 11, NFB-11, Magni 3, and Valhalla 2. I'm down to bring any or all of it.
  6. joe Administrator
    I'm interested in attending the next SE Michigan meet, depending on the date.
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  7. canthearyou
    We do it big. The last one had probably 30 people.
  8. givemetacos
    Nice! Yeah I would expect a good size crowd. And I meant that I by myself could probably gather at least 5-10 people. So I'm not sure what type of numbers we would need to justify the work in putting a meet together, but I am pretty active in a lot of forums and I feel like finding enough people isn't a huge obstacle if there are others able to work out the logistics.
  9. AxelCloris Administrator
    I'm always interested in a Michigan get-together, as long as I don't have schedule conflicts.

    The logistical issues that are usually associated with meets are location, cost, and timing. You can have a group of 30 people, but often only a handful can get together on a specific date. You might have the perfect date for the whole group to get together, but there may be no good locations to meet on that date. Not much you can do about that normally. The past MI meets I've attended have been at an audio store or a local community center. A good location has lots of space and power outlets, and ideally can provide surfaces to setup gear. It's harder when those attending have to bring tables. Then there's the cost. Several of the meets I've attended have taken donations to cover the cost of a meeting room, or held a raffle to raise money to cover the space. Other meets were held at privately owned locations and the hosting costs were absorbed by the owner, like the one organized at Overture Audio a couple years back.

    A few years back, the Ohio crew got together in Columbus every couple of months for a meet at someone's house. I think the largest attendance I saw at those meets maxed at 10 people. Homes are great for smaller groups, but after a certain point there's not much space available. The last MI meet I attended was organized by John at a community center, and there was a sizable turnout. I believe we gave donations to cover (some of) the room's costs. Afterwards a number of us went out for burgers. Good times.
  10. canthearyou
    I know the meets I've been to required the attendees to be members of Head-Fi.
  11. canthearyou
    I'm always good for money towards a meet. Hell, if I ever planned one it would be mandatory! Lol Especially when room rental is involved.
  12. givemetacos
    The only meet I have been to was the Schiitcago one last Fall since the Michigan one didn't pan out. I don't think they required head-fi membership as they were pretty inviting of anyone that wanted to come out, but regardless I'm sure I could get people to register an account here if they didn't have one already.

    Anyways, I'm happy to help recruit people for something in the spring/summer, but I've got my nose to the grindstone right now finishing my PhD dissertation so I can't really do much on the logistical side of planning. I am down to pitch in money as well.
  13. AxelCloris Administrator
    A requirement that everyone be active on Head-Fi seems odd to me. Wouldn't that prevent non-Head-Fi'ers from attending with their partner or friend? A meet is a great place to introduce someone to the hobby and give them a wide range of gear to demo at the same time. An inviting atmosphere is the best kind, and meets are amazing when everyone's relaxed and enjoying themselves.
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  14. canthearyou
    I could be wrong. But I thought I recalled a member asking if his friend could come and someone said make him a member first. Or something like that.
  15. connieflyer
    I would be interested in a Michigan meet, sure I could round up some friends to bring along.
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